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The next dev meeting

Date: 2020/06/18 13:00-17:00

  • Dev meeting IS NOT a decision-making place. All decisions should be done at the bug tracker.
  • Dev meeting is a place we can ask Matz, nobu, nurse and other developers directly.
  • Matz is a very busy person. Take this opportunity to ask him. If you can not attend, other attendees can ask instead of you (if attendees can understand your issue).
  • We will write a log about the discussion to a file or to each ticket in English.
  • All activities are best-effort (keep in mind that most of us are volunteer developers).
  • The date, time and place are scheduled according to when/where we can reserve Matz's time.
  • DO NOT discuss then on this ticket, please.

Call for agenda items

If you have a ticket that you want matz and committers to discuss, please post it into this ticket in the following format:

* [Ticket ref] Ticket title (your name)
  * Comment (A summary of the ticket, why you put this ticket here, what point should be discussed, etc.)


* [Feature #14609] `Kernel#p` without args shows the receiver (ko1)
  * I feel this feature is very useful and some people say :+1: so let discuss this feature.
  • Comment deadline: 2020/06/11 (one week before the meeting)
  • The format is strict. We'll use this script to automatically create an markdown-style agenda. We may ignore a comment that does not follow the format.
  • Your comment is mandatory. We cannot read all discussion of the ticket in a limited time.

Related issues

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Actions #1

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  • Related to Misc #14770: [META] DevelopersMeeting added
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  • Description updated (diff)

Updated by hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) about 1 year ago

  • [Bug #8446] sdbm fails to fetch existing key if many elements in it
  • [Feature #16963] Remove English.rb from Ruby 2.8/3.0
    • Should we remove English.rb?

Updated by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) about 1 year ago

  • [Bug #9573] descendants of a module don't gain its future ancestors, but descendants of a class, do (jeremyevans0)
    • Support for Module#include was implemented 3 months ago
    • Bugs prevented support for Module#prepend at the time
    • I've since fixed all bugs
    • Implementing support for Module#prepend is now straightforward and causes no test failures, is it OK to merge the patch?
  • [Feature #14267] Lazy proc allocation introduced in #14045 creates regression (jeremyevans0)
    • I added a patch implementing Proc#== and #eql? (previously not implemented, so Object#== and #eql? were used)
    • Do the equalivance conditions I describe make sense, or should more be added?
    • Is it OK to merge the patch?
  • [Bug #11669] inconsitent behavior of refining frozen class (jeremyevans0)
    • Refining a frozen class where the refinement adds a method is currently broken.
    • Refinement methods are internal, so I'm not sure we should raise FrozenError in this case
    • Is it OK to merge the patch?
  • [Bug #16504] foo(*args, &args.pop) should pass all elements of args (jeremyevans0)
    • Bug is due to an optimization that skips duping of args for the splat.
    • I created a patch that fixes the issue in most cases by removing the optimization in those cases.
    • The patch does not remove the optimization in common cases, such as &local_variable or &:symbol
    • Truly fixing the issue in all cases requires removing the optimization completely.
    • Is it OK to merge the patch?
  • [Feature #16470] Issue with nanoseconds in Time#inspect (jeremyevans0)
    • Currently, Time#inspect can display fractional seconds as a rational, which few rational people want.
    • I think Time#inspect should always display fractional seconds as decimal.
    • I have a patch to do this, but it makes Time#inspect the same for Time instances that are not equal.
    • Arbitrary precision for fractional seconds, the benefit of storing nanoseconds as a rational, seems pointless to me.
    • Do we want to keep things as is, merge the patch, or change Time's implementation so fractional seconds are not stored with greater than nanosecond precision?

Updated by Eregon (Benoit Daloze) about 1 year ago

  • [Feature #16378] Support leading arguments together with ... (eregon)
    • Already accepted for master, could someone review the PR from Jeremy?
    • Could we backport it to 2.7.2? So then there is a non-ruby2_keywords and long-term way to do delegation for more cases.

Updated by Eregon (Benoit Daloze) about 1 year ago

  • [Feature #16897] General purpose memoizer in Ruby 3 with Ruby 2 performance (eregon)
    • Thoughts about the ***args / Arguments proposal?
    • Ideas to optimize delegation with *args, **kwargs better, which it seems most people expect (it's intuitive, same as Python) is the Ruby 3 way to do delegation?
    • Some other ideas to optimize memoization, maybe using ...?

Updated by dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros) about 1 year ago

  • [Feature #14722] python's buffer protocol clone (dsisnero)
    • many C-extensions that use large buffer like objects in C - Numo::Narray , NMatrix, red-arrow, but to transfer between them and ruby usually copy the data to go between types
    • create a c-api to describe the shape and access of the data to avoid copying data
    • maybe use the arrow c data interface

Updated by dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros) about 1 year ago

  • [Feature #12901] Anonymous functions without scope lookup overhead. (dsisnero)

    • this allows performance bump
    • also can allow to serialize functions - #11630 or (isolated procs)
    • can add multi-method variant if adding new syntax
      func add(x,y){ x + y}
      mfunc add(x: Int, y: Int){ __intrinsic__.int_add(x,y)
      mfunc add(x: String, y: String){ __instinsic__.string_add(x,y)}

Updated by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) about 1 year ago

  • [Bug #14541] Class variables have broken semantics, let's fix them (jeremyevans0)
    • My previous commit to fix this only raised in verbose mode, since the class variable overtaken warning was only issued in verbose mode.
    • Are we OK jumping directly from verbose-mode warning in 2.7 to RuntimeError in 3.0, or do we want to issue a warning even in non-verbose mode in 3.0 and switch to RuntimeError in 3.1?

Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) about 1 year ago

  • [Feature #16950] Stop nonsense keyword argument warnings in 2.6 (mame)
    • 2.6 produces a warning that no longer makes sense. Unfortunately, this warning is not only unhelpful but also annoying for supporting 3.0 keyword behavior (according to some Rails developers). This is a change for 2.6, but how about deleting the warning?

Updated by connorshea (Connor Shea) about 1 year ago

  • [Feature #16456] Ruby 2.7 argument delegation (...) should be its own kind of parameter in Method#parameters (aaronc81)
    • Right now, the parameters method returns [[:rest, :*], [:block, :&]] if a method uses the ... syntax.
    • It'd be nice if the returned array were more clear about the method using ....
    • Can we change the returned values to something like [:rest, :"..."], [:block, :"..."]], especially now that ... can be used after other parameters?

Updated by k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun) about 1 year ago

  • [Misc #16961] Is overriding a method in a subclass considered as a breaking change or not? (k0kubun)
    • Is it acceptable to override Integer#zero? which is currently handled by Numeric#zero? to optimize it on MJIT?
    • How should we make this kind of decision? (the main topic of the ticket)

Updated by zverok (Victor Shepelev) about 1 year ago

  • [Feature #15822] Add Hash#except (zverok)
    • Last time it was discussed, Matz asked "We didn't see the need for Hash#except yet. Any (real world use-case)? I don't think the name except is the best name for the behavior." In the ticket's new comments, I am providing use cases and name justification.
    • I vaguely remember already adding it to some previous meetings agenda, but I don't see any outcome in the ticket

Updated by byroot (Jean Boussier) about 1 year ago

  • [Feature #16848] Allow callables in $LOAD_PATH (byroot)
    • I added a proposal for the "loader" interface based on two methods: find_feature and load_feature.
    • A couple solutions for the $LOAD_PATH backward compatibility concern were proposed (maintaining a distinct $FEATURE_LOADERS array).
    • I'd like to really question the importance of that compatibility issue. It would certainly require some code to be updated, but wouldn't break any use case.
    • More generally I'd like to know what I could do to help move this forward.

Updated by mrkn (Kenta Murata) about 1 year ago

  • [Feature #16812] Allow slicing arrays with ArithmeticSequence
    • I found the inconsistency between the existing behaviors: [*0..10][-100..100] vs [*0..10][..100].
    • I believe it is better to fix the behavior of [*0..10][-100..100].
Actions #16

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  • Status changed from Open to Closed

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