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12:24 AM Ruby master Feature #16517: mkmf.rb - changes for Windows ?
As we are adding the ability to make gems from rust added in rubygems, can we come back to this and enable this or ad... dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros)


09:54 PM Ruby master Feature #19059: Introduce top level `module TimeoutError` for aggregating various timeout error classes.
Lots of other languages are starting accept cancellation by using cancel tokens and have timeout a subclass of a Canc... dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros)


09:38 PM Ruby master Feature #19015: Language extension by a heredoc
It reminds me of javascript template literals and tagged templates. Instead of passing in bindings they pass the int... dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros)


06:22 PM Ruby master Feature #12075: some container#nonempty?
I am assuming you do not want to use each which does correct thing if container is non empty . I assume you want map... dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros)


04:10 PM Ruby master Feature #17326: Add Kernel#must! to the standard library
I would rather have ruby use the type system to check monad type and provide syntactic sugar for monad method. Much ... dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros)


09:54 PM Ruby master Feature #16122: Data: simple immutable value object
+1 -
Also, is there plans to have a flag in C or a different shape so that the VM's can make this fast
dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros)


12:00 AM Ruby master Feature #14794: Primitive arrays (Ruby 3x3)
saw from - the shape of ruby objects. Maybe if we can get this impl... dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros)


10:56 PM Ruby master Feature #18020: Introduce `IO::Buffer` for fiber scheduler.
+1 that being said, I have no problem with augmenting IO::Buffer to map into a memory view interface.
``` ruby
dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros)


03:43 PM Ruby master Feature #18020: Introduce `IO::Buffer` for fiber scheduler.
I also propose FFI::Pointer and Fiddle::Pointer and Fiddle::Memoryview be combined into one library and made availabl... dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros)
03:31 PM Ruby master Feature #18020: Introduce `IO::Buffer` for fiber scheduler.
this is what memoryview is supposed to give us. i agree some IO class is needed. This class should implement memory... dsisnero (Dominic Sisneros)

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