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09:30 AM Ruby trunk Bug #8037 (Rejected): rdoc issues preventing docs generating after ruby was compiled and are already closed.
09:28 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11092 (Rejected): rdoc-generated *.gz files contain references to full path of the original, breaking rpmbuild was merged 1yr ago.
If you still have this problem, try with rdoc-6.0.0.beta...
08:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11310 (Closed): CSV::Table#to_csv should use concat not +
applied at r59657
06:12 AM Ruby trunk Bug #8126 (Assigned): OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket does not define #recv and #send messages
06:00 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11365 (Assigned): Change Webrick to support SHA htpasswd files
06:00 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12130: WEBrick::HTTPProxy closes connection when the socket is not writable temporally
> Eric
Could you review and handle this issue?
05:05 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13918: Appveyor failure - svn 59961 Use https instead of ftp for libffi downloading
I added workaround used http at r59964.
I will investigate this later.
05:01 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59964 (trunk): Fixup r59961. Use http for libffi downloading.
A few environments couldn't handle https download.
02:39 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13724 (Closed): make install does not install bundled gems
Applied in changeset trunk|r59962.
Added documentation
Added documentaiton for installation of bundled ge...
02:39 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59962 (trunk): Added documentation
Added documentaiton for installation of bundled gems.
[Bug #13724][ruby-core:81938]

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