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07:04 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14022: String#surround
+1, I often do "<" + long_chain + ">" because "<#{long_chain}>" tends to be harder to read, and wished there was such...


08:02 PM Ruby trunk Feature #6647: Exceptions raised in threads should be logged
FWIW, I enabled Thread.report_on_exception = true by default in ruby/spec.
I had to change a few specs, but I think ...
05:50 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13163: Uncaught exceptions may not be reported when Thread#report_on_exception=true and Thread#abort_on_exception=true
I believe we only need a 2.4 backport, Thread#report_on_exception is only defined from Ruby 2.4+.
09:26 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14014: NaN.finite?
Should this be marked as closed rather than rejected and a test be added for NaN for the backport to be performed then?


11:53 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14014: NaN.finite?
Has this been backported to the 2.4 branch? I think it should.
What commit fixed it?


09:27 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13997: Bundler gem binstub broken
So #load indeed does not support this skipping-until-ruby-shebang logic that `ruby file` does.
I wonder why Bundle...


09:07 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13997: Bundler gem binstub broken
That binstub looks wrong, I would guess it's Bundler's bug.
After /bin/sh should be shell code, and after the # ruby...


11:18 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13988: for 2.4.x shows 2.5.0
Thanks, I missed the email for some reason.
@sos4nt Could you report the problem at that email?
10:10 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13988: for 2.4.x shows 2.5.0
Does anyone know how to contact the ruby-doc administrators?
I could not find it from the website.


08:59 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13985 (Open): Avoid exception for #dup/#clone on Rational and Complex
Since #12979, true/false/nil/Integer/Float just return themselves on #dup/#clone.
But it seems a few were missed, ...

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