mame (Yusuke Endoh)





11:56 PM Ruby trunk Revision 59947 (trunk): ext/objspace/objspace.c: remove unneeded code clones.
`setup_hash` have already performed nil check and empty check.
08:04 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59944 (trunk): ext/io/console/lib/console/size.rb: Fix the context of method definition
`console_size` is not a instance method but a class method.
04:30 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59940 (trunk): run-lcov.rb: wrongly used unique ID as lineno
The second value of key of branch/method coverage is unique ID, not


06:23 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13901 (Open): Add branch coverage
I plan to add "branch coverage" (and "method coverage") as new target types of, the coverage measurement ...


11:40 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13885: Random.urandom と securerandom について
特に反対もなかったので、nil を返すのではなく RuntimeError を投げるようにしました(r59858)。
> それってO_NBLOCKのディスクリプタをビジールー...
11:16 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59897 (trunk): lib/webrick/log.rb: sanitize any type of logs
It had failed to sanitize some type of exception messages. Reported and
patched by Yusuke Endoh (mame) at https://ha...
10:45 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59894 (trunk): ext/coverage/coverage.c: use long instead of int for coverage site id
Coverage generates unique ID numbers for each branch and each method.
Use long instead of int for the IDs. I don't w...
07:45 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59891 (trunk): ext/coverage/coverage.c (method_coverage): `id` was used uninitialized
06:07 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59890 (trunk): Measure branch and method coverage for `make test-all`
To measure coverage of C code:
`./configure --enable-gcov && make && make exam && make lcov`
To measure coverage of ...
05:27 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59889 (trunk): Introduce NODE_UNLESS for branch coverage
`unless` statement was a syntactic sugar for `if` statement,
which made the result of branch coverage hard to underst...

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