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11:03 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60812 (trunk): Refactoring out the direct accesses of NODE's u1, u2, and u3


01:46 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60737 (trunk): Make `rb_ast_dispose` use `RB_OBJ_WRITE`
This fixes the mistake of r60722.
I used `rb_gc_writebarrier_remember` to notify to GC that the references
is changed...
09:20 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14097: Add union and difference to Array
I'm neutral to your proposal itself. My two cents: `Array#union` should return a new array instead of modifying self...


01:50 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60723 (trunk): node.c (dump_node): add an explanation of NODE_HASH's nd_alen
The field has a flag to represent if it is a keyword argument (that has
no braces, e.g., `foo(k:1)`) or hash literal ...
01:32 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60722 (trunk): use `rb_ast_dispose` instead of `rb_ast_free`
`rb_ast_dispose` calls `rb_gc_writebarrier_remember`. Unless we call
it, the marked objects may not be GC'ed until `...


07:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14090 (Open): `TestGc#test_interrupt_in_finalizer` fails very rarely
`TestGc#test_interrupt_in_finalizer` fails very rarely, only once every handred or thousand runs.
# Running t...
06:36 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60694 (trunk): Symptomatic treatment for `rb_thread_terminate_all` freeze
Under uncertain condition, `rb_thread_terminate_all` gets stuck. `make
test-all TESTOPTS="test/ruby/test_gc.rb -n te...


03:52 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60660 (trunk): Revert "Introduce rb_code_range_t and replace YYLTYPE with it"
r60655 changed the usage of bison by defining a customized YYLTYPE,
which seemed to cause a random stall at rb_thread...


04:34 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60655 (trunk): Introduce rb_code_range_t and replace YYLTYPE with it
rb_code_range_t has two t_code_location_t, i.e., the first and last
This is used for YYLTYPE, tracked loc...
03:22 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60652 (trunk): Introduce `rb_code_location_t`
`rb_code_location_t` has two integers, lineno and column, which point to
one location on a code. Now `rb_code_locati...

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