jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans)





02:12 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14785: Parse guard statements like regular conditionals
jacobevelyn (Jacob Evelyn) wrote:
> I agree the `did_you_mean` message is not good, but I would rather change the be...


07:22 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14718: Use jemalloc by default?
mperham (Mike Perham) wrote:
> Results, it shows a significant reduction in RSS when run with jemalloc or MALLOC_ARE...


05:20 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14718: Use jemalloc by default?
bluz71 (Dennis B) wrote:
> jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) wrote:
> > It should definitely not be the default for all U...
05:54 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14718: Use jemalloc by default?
bluz71 (Dennis B) wrote:
> Some programming languages do ship with the own allocator source. If Ruby did the same wi...


04:30 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14718: Use jemalloc by default?
If Ruby decides to ship with jemalloc, let's make sure to be like Redis and only use it by default on Linux (as menti...


09:18 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14706: Atomic Integer incr/decr
I think this feature in general is a good candidate for addition to stdlib.
I don't think the `Integer` class is a...


10:01 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14641 (Rejected): Shouldn't Array#map not modify its array?
The array itself is not modified, you are mutating elements of the current array during iteration (as String#<< mutat...


02:14 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14489: MJIT needs a reusable cache
sam.saffron (Sam Saffron) wrote:
> It can use an ISEQ SHA1 hash as the key to the cache.
If this feature is added...


04:40 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14440: --jit does not work by default on OpenBSD due to use of gcc instead of clang
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun) wrote:
> Whether is the ruby compiled from gcc or clang? A known issue is that using MJIT ...


09:12 PM CommonRuby Feature #13581: Syntax sugar for method reference
landongrindheim (Landon Grindheim) wrote:
> Is `map(&Math.&(:sqrt)` viable? Perhaps it would be confused with the sa...

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