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10:05 PM Ruby master Revision d7cc3806 (git): iseq.c: Use ntz_intptr for faster bitmap scan
byroot (Jean Boussier)


11:03 AM Ruby master Revision c46824d0 (git): test_instrumentation_api.rb: Allow one less exit
I suspect that sometimes on CI the last thread is prempted before eaching the exit hook
causing the test to flake. I ...
byroot (Jean Boussier)


12:49 PM Ruby master Bug #18813 (Closed): Let Module#autoload be strict about the autoloaded constant
Applied in changeset commit:git|eca31d24d606a73def3674938112dc3c5b79c445.
[Bug #18813] Warn when autoload...
byroot (Jean Boussier)
12:49 PM Ruby master Revision eca31d24 (git): [Bug #18813] Warn when autoload has to lookup in parent namespace
This is a verbose mode only warning. byroot (Jean Boussier)
12:41 PM Ruby master Feature #18839: Drop support for gcc 3
Out of curiosity I went to check a few dates:
- First GCC 3.x release: June 18, 2001
- Last GCC 3.x release: ...
byroot (Jean Boussier)


01:11 PM Ruby master Revision c34a5469 (git): Debug TestThreadInstrumentation
It previously failed with:
1) Failure:
TestThreadInstrumentation#test_thread_instrumentation_fork_safe [/h...
byroot (Jean Boussier)
07:08 AM Ruby master Revision b6c1e115 (git): GVL Instrumentation API: add STARTED and EXITED events
[Feature #18339]
After experimenting with the initial version of the API I figured there is a need
for an exit event...
byroot (Jean Boussier)


12:11 PM Ruby master Feature #11164: Garbage collector in Ruby 2.2 provokes unexpected CoW
That seems to be exactly what solves anyway. byroot (Jean Boussier)


10:10 AM Ruby master Feature #18822: Ruby lack a proper method to percent-encode strings for URIs (RFC 3986)
Proposed implementation: byroot (Jean Boussier)
09:58 AM Ruby master Revision 4e21b19a (git): [ruby/timeout] Keep a private reference to `Process.clock_gettime`
`timeout 0.3.0` broke our test suite because we have some
tests that stubs `Process.clock_gettime` making it return
byroot (Jean Boussier)

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