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03:25 AM Ruby master Bug #17631: `Numeric#real?` incorrectly returns true for `NaN` and `INFINITY`
IEEE754 follows the extended real number system that is a real number system with positive and negative Infinities. ... mrkn (Kenta Murata)


09:37 PM Ruby master Misc #17535: DevelopersMeeting20210216Japan
* [Feature #17291] Optimize `__send__` call (mrkn)
* [rspec-mocks]( depends o...
mrkn (Kenta Murata)


05:47 AM Ruby master Feature #17291: Optimize __send__ call
mrkn (Kenta Murata) wrote in #note-3:
> I found that rspec-core redefines `__send__`.
mrkn (Kenta Murata)


03:19 AM Ruby master Feature #17496: Add constant Math::TAU
@jzakiya I guess the resources you've listed up in the comment #9 are only describing tau's advantages or pi's disadv... mrkn (Kenta Murata)


02:41 AM Ruby master Feature #17496: Add constant Math::TAU
At least Julia doesn't have `tau` in its core now. There is Tau.jl, but it isn't a standard library. Following Juli... mrkn (Kenta Murata)


02:37 PM Ruby master Feature #17339 (Assigned): Semantic grouping with BigDecimal#to_s
mrkn (Kenta Murata)
02:31 PM Ruby master Bug #9246 (Closed): NoMemoryError is occurred by simple addition of BigDecimal
This no longer occurs with the latest version of bigdecimal. mrkn (Kenta Murata)


06:37 AM Ruby master Bug #17218: Range#step sometimes behaves unexpectedly with Rational endpoints and increment
@jeremyevans0 Thank you for making a candidate patch. I have reviewed it, I noticed that it resolves only an issue o... mrkn (Kenta Murata)


02:16 AM Ruby master Feature #16827 (Closed): C API for writing custom random number generator that can be used as Random objects
Closed by af5e87ab218c5f4e34c6cdb54ae119a7f0f9033f mrkn (Kenta Murata)


04:46 PM Ruby master Feature #17291: Optimize __send__ call
The new benchmark result is below:
# Iteration per second (i/s)
| |compare-ruby|built-...
mrkn (Kenta Murata)

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