Feature #9112

Make module lookup more dynamic (Including modules into a module after it has already been included)

Added by PragTob (Tobias Pfeiffer) over 6 years ago. Updated 5 days ago.

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If a module (M) is included into a class (C) and afterwards another module (M2) is included into the first module (M) then C does not include M2 and instances do not respond to methods defined in M2. I think instances of C should respond to methods defined in M2 and C should include M2.

I created a gist detailing the problem I have:

I think this behavior is confusing, because if I'd reopen module M and just add methods there then instances of C can call those methods. However if I include another module in M then instances of C can not call those methods.

Any opinions on if this would be a better behavior or why it isn't?

(was unsure to file it as a bug or feature)

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