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12:49 AM Ruby master Revision f890345c (git): Ensure producer threads do not start running early
This test caused issues occasionally on JRuby because it's
possible for a producer thread to run to completion before...
headius (Charles Nutter)


05:12 AM Ruby master Bug #18933: Dir.tmpdir implemented in non-Ractor-safe manner
Why not just put this in a private constant? I believe that would be Ractor-safe and it would make more sense than a ... headius (Charles Nutter)
03:58 AM Ruby master Bug #16959 (Rejected): Weakmap has specs and third-party usage despite being a private API
WeakMap has now been in the wild with documentation and specs for several years, so I think it has become a de-facto ... headius (Charles Nutter)


01:29 AM Ruby master Bug #11064: #singleton_methods for objects with special singleton_class returns an empty array
Issue filed for JRuby's differing behavior; if we decide that the method should always be visible through the `single... headius (Charles Nutter)
01:19 AM Ruby master Bug #11064: #singleton_methods for objects with special singleton_class returns an empty array
The behavior for this is at least consistent in JRuby; `singleton_method` does not see methods defined directly on `n... headius (Charles Nutter)
12:35 AM Ruby master Bug #19168: "such file" is bad grammar
Note that this verbiage is similar to the standard ENOENT message: "No such file or directory". I suspect this messag... headius (Charles Nutter)
12:04 AM Ruby master Bug #16185: basictest failure on AIX 6.1 for 64bit build
A note just from poking around here... I'm guessing this is due to the reporter's system using a filesystem encoding ... headius (Charles Nutter)


03:37 PM Ruby master Misc #19431: DevMeeting at RubyKaigi 2023
I will attend if the train schedules work out! headius (Charles Nutter)


08:04 PM Ruby master Bug #19470: Frequent small range-reads from and then writes to a large array are very slow
This looks like a pretty typical effect of slicing, so I'm not sure there's something to "fix" here. JRuby has simila... headius (Charles Nutter)


10:50 AM Ruby master Revision b572f243 (git): [ruby/openssl] Stub gemspec for JRuby
JRuby has its own implementation of the `openssl` library in
jruby-openssl. The simplest way for us to allow users to...
headius (Charles Nutter)

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