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04:21 PM Ruby master Bug #10820: Win32 Registry Delete uses ANSI instead of Wide APIs
Late to the party, but why was `RegQueryInfoKey` also update to use `W`? I am working on headius (Charles Nutter)


08:49 AM Ruby master Revision a37051ef (git): [flori/json] Remove unknown keyword arg from DateTime.parse
This snuck in while addding tests for the `create_additions`
feature. Caught by JRuby when we added the `limit` optio...
headius (Charles Nutter)


08:56 PM Ruby master Revision cd2613b6 (git): [ruby/net-http] Bump version to 0.2.1.pre1 headius (Charles Nutter)


03:53 PM Ruby master Bug #18731: Parallel test-all sometimes does not run at all some tests
> Ruby implementations except CRuby run MRI tests only when they have no choice
JRuby has run CRuby tests as part ...
headius (Charles Nutter)


03:16 PM Ruby master Revision 87517696 (git): [ruby/ostruct] Avoid using block_given in the presence of aliases
defined?(yield) bypasses the block_given? method (or any aliases
to it) and always does the right thing.
headius (Charles Nutter)


05:48 PM Ruby master Bug #18561: Make singleton def operation and define_singleton_method explicitly use public visibility
Thank you @jeremyevans0 for the analysis and PR. I agree that the one weird edge case would generally just be unexpec... headius (Charles Nutter)
05:37 PM Ruby master Bug #16922: single quote should be escaped in xml
See for JRuby update of our jcodings encoding backend, plus the test changes... headius (Charles Nutter)
05:18 PM Ruby master Bug #16922: single quote should be escaped in xml
Requesting backport to 2.6. JRuby runs the CRuby test suite and wants to fix the same issue, but the existing tests i... headius (Charles Nutter)


01:58 PM Ruby master Revision bd186233 (git): [ruby/io-wait] Update version to 0.2.2.pre1 for testing headius (Charles Nutter)


05:40 PM Ruby master Bug #18169: Local copies of gemified libraries are being released out of sync with their gems
This happened again in Ruby 3.1. I have not audited the other gems, but at least securerandom was modified in both re... headius (Charles Nutter)

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