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03:29 AM Ruby master Revision abf71864 (git): [ruby/io-console] Mark all tests that use run_pty as pend on JRuby
JRuby's PTY.spawn does not produce a process with its own
controlling terminal, which is necessary for testing these ...
headius (Charles Nutter)
03:01 AM Ruby master Revision 8960d6b5 (git): [ruby/io-console] Add console.rb to search for paths headius (Charles Nutter)
03:01 AM Ruby master Revision 2a764fe7 (git): [ruby/io-console] Skip test on JRuby
The subprocess script here works fine at a command line, but when
run as a pty subprocess during the tests the master...
headius (Charles Nutter)
03:01 AM Ruby master Revision a1cc044e (git): [ruby/io-console] Use omit instead of skip
This test runs with test/unit now, which defines omit instead of
headius (Charles Nutter)


10:21 PM Ruby master Misc #16778: Should we stop vendoring default gems code?
> We can extract like matrix, prime and tracer as bundled gems from the default gems.
That is not what I am looking ...
headius (Charles Nutter)


08:48 PM Ruby master Misc #16778: Should we stop vendoring default gems code?
+1000 for this. JRuby is currently the only Ruby implementation that sources the default and bundled gems exclusively... headius (Charles Nutter)


04:11 AM Ruby master Revision 33641e00 (git): Remove private_iv_get
The only remaining use of this function was to get the internal
message object from an exception's hidden `mesg` inst...
headius (Charles Nutter)


12:21 PM Ruby master Revision 46ba416a (git): [ruby/webrick] Skip env-locale-sensitive CGI test on the "java" platform
JRuby's environment variables are provided by the Java Development
Kit's (JDK's) classes, which present them as a map...
headius (Charles Nutter)


09:29 PM Ruby master Bug #17105: A single `return` can return to two different places in a proc inside a lambda inside a method
Just to be clear I am +1 on single return target, as described here: headius (Charles Nutter)


06:16 PM Ruby master Feature #17055: Allow suppressing uninitialized instance variable and method redefined verbose mode warnings
Another note:
> In fact I wouldn't be surprised if on other Ruby implementations initializing led to better perfor...
headius (Charles Nutter)

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