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10:16 PM Ruby master Feature #12902: How about Enumerable#sum uses initial value rather than 0 as default?
If we treated the first argument to `#sum` as the additive identity instead of "initial element," then it'd be very c... bitsweat (Jeremy Daer)


12:19 AM Ruby master Bug #9082: popen3 hangs when stderr gets lots of output
Note you can use `Open3.capture3` to safely read stdout and stderr without doing `popen3` + `` yourself.
bitsweat (Jeremy Daer)


06:37 PM Ruby master Feature #9112: Make module lookup more dynamic (Including modules into a module after it has already been included)
See #1586
1. allow multiple inclusion
1. propagate when a module includes a module
Both have been (basica...
bitsweat (Jeremy Daer)


02:15 AM Ruby master Bug #9800: Ship 2.1.2 with GC_HEAP_OLDOBJECT_LIMIT_FACTOR of 1.3
I'm running Ruby 2.1.2 with `GC_HEAP_OLDOBJECT_LIMIT_FACTOR = 1.3` with good results, but I didn't do a thorough surv... bitsweat (Jeremy Daer)


10:24 PM Ruby master Feature #2542: URI lib should be updated to RFC 3986
In RFC 3986, square brackets are no longer allowed in the query part.
Source of the unescaped brackets, in this ca...
bitsweat (Jeremy Daer)


01:13 AM Ruby master Feature #9778: Bring shortcut methods to Hash
`Hash#+` rejected in #6225. Also see #7739 for `Hash#|`. bitsweat (Jeremy Daer)


08:22 PM Ruby master Feature #9686: Syntax for symbols used in hashes
See #4276 bitsweat (Jeremy Daer)


08:52 AM Ruby master Bug #8335: Performance regression with many threads
Mike - also fixed @ bitsweat (Jeremy Daer)


07:07 AM Ruby master Bug #8243: ruby-debug-base fails because a function is no longer exported
Hey Eric -
@ko1 updated it to use the new Ruby 2 debugging API!
See the debugger2 branch:
bitsweat (Jeremy Daer)


02:08 PM Ruby master Bug #8211: Performance regression of method calls
David, this looks a lot like the CFLAGS issues folks were hitting with rvm. Essentially, getting unoptimized Ruby bui... bitsweat (Jeremy Daer)

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