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03:00 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58204 (trunk): test_symbol.rb: switch to assert_not_equal
02:37 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13358 (Assigned): OpenStruct overriding allocate
OK, although I still think it is too artificial example, nobody would mind a little change of the `OpenStruct` perfor...
12:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13377 (Feedback): Crash while running tests
2.1.0p0 is outdated, try 2.1.9.
2.1 will end the life soon, though.


09:21 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58195 (trunk): ostruct.rb: refine visibility failure message
* lib/ostruct.rb (method_missing): raise an exception with proper
visibility message.
05:58 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13372 (Feedback): File class is not able to identify EOL for file text using CR character .
05:50 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13371 (Rejected): Syntax Error with regex when parens are omitted
It's unable to tell that slash is a part of a regexp.
05:44 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13358: OpenStruct overriding allocate
Eregon (Benoit Daloze) wrote:
> But my main issue with this fix is it only addresses a specific use-case and not the...
02:30 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58192 (trunk): numeric.c: improves Integer#round rdoc [ci skip]
* numeric.c (int_round): [DOC] improves Integer#round documentation
as well as Float#round.
02:15 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58190 (trunk): numeric.c: improves Float#round rdoc [ci skip]
* numeric.c (flo_round): [DOC] improves Float#round documentation
to better highlight the half keyword. [Fix GH-15...


02:57 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13276 (Closed): Dir.glob returns empty array when OS has no more file handles (expected exce...
Applied in changeset trunk|r58156.
dir.c: err at glob failure
* dir.c (glob_helper): raise a SystemCallE...

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