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05:18 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58920 (trunk): .travis.yml: exts is not needed for tests here
05:18 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13591: spec/rubyspec/core/time/zone_spec - Windows does not support ENV['TZ']
I haven't seen such failure on AppVeyor yet.
04:12 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13602: Optimize instance variable access if $VERBOSE is not true when compiling
It doesn't look nice to assume `$VERBOSE` doesn't change.
And seems that benchmark includes allocation and initializ...
03:43 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58918 (trunk): mspec/commands/mspec.rb: formatter for multi_exec
* spec/mspec/lib/mspec/commands/mspec.rb (MSpecMain#multi_exec):
as multi_exec children must run with yaml formatte...
03:14 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58917 (trunk): .travis.yml: get number of processors at runtime
01:26 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13599 (Closed): Float#ceil(n) doesn't work for small floats
Applied in changeset trunk|r58913.
numeric.c: fix for small number
* numeric.c (flo_floor, flo_ceil): sh...
01:26 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58913 (trunk): numeric.c: fix for small number
* numeric.c (flo_floor, flo_ceil): should not return zero for small
number. [ruby-core:81394] [Bug #13599]
01:04 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58912 (trunk): dir.c: fix FD leaks
* dir.c (do_opendir): close FD when fdopendir failed, e.g.,
ENOTDIR. [Feature#13056]


05:11 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58911 (trunk): numeric.c: remove duplicate code
* numeric.c (flo_to_i): use dbl2ival and reduce duplicate code.
09:49 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58903 (trunk): remove extra call to OleInitialize
[Fix GH-1629]
Signed-off-by: Matt Wrock <>

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