Nobuyoshi Nakada





07:14 AM Ruby trunk Revision 57697: appveyor.yaml: matrix
* appveyor.yaml: use build matrix for platforms and compilers.
resolve hard coded paths from these variables.
06:55 AM Ruby trunk Revision 57696: bignum.c: NAIVE_MUL_DIGITS
* bignum.c (NAIVE_MUL_DIGITS): share threshold for bary_sq_fast
between bary_mul and bigsq.
04:10 AM Ruby trunk Revision 57695: fix circular dependencies
* defs/ (TEST_DEPENDS): remove targets expanded as
TEST_TARGETS, to get rid of circular dependencies.
03:51 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13244 (Rejected): stdlib/Logger: add option: level
It has been added since 2.4.
02:40 AM Ruby trunk Revision 57694: Revert r57690 except for read_nonblock
02:11 AM Ruby trunk Revision 57693: [DOC] mark up literals
02:00 AM Ruby trunk Revision 57692: [DOC] keyword argument _exception_
01:54 AM Ruby trunk Revision 57691: socket.rb: [DOC] fix nonblock methods
* ext/socket/lib/socket.rb (BasicSocket#recv_nonblock): fix
exception class and symbol.
* ext/socket/lib/socket.rb...
01:15 AM Ruby trunk Revision 57690: [DOC] {read,write}_nonblock with exception: false
Update docs to reflect EOF behavior change of read_nonblock and
write_nonblock when using `exception: false`.
[Fix G...
01:04 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13243 (Feedback): Test suite failure

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