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zverok as a commiter

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I feel uneasy asking for myself (as far as I can understand, it is normal that other core team member proposes new contributors), but well... I am Ukrainian, and am not exactly subtle.

So... Can I receive a commit rights?

About me

I use Ruby professionally as my main language since 2004, and interested in language's evolution since around that time.

I am author of many blog articles on Ruby, several Ruby gems, a few conference talks.

I maintain Ruby Changes annotated changelog for each version since 2.4 (and plan to extend it back to historical versions); and Ruby Reference attempt to compile readable "semi-official" reference. This work was recognized by Fukuoka Ruby award.

I contributed several Ruby features (mostly on idea level) and documentation improvements (including reviewing of docs status before each version release and catching up on under-documented features).

Why do I want it

TBH, one of the reasons is some "sense of belonging". I would be happy to think about myself as just "Ruby commiter" not "that guy who did this and that but not a part of the team".

More seriously, I am dedicated to Ruby's documentation quality, and willing to take a responsibility to work on it on a more systematic way. It requires at least more rights on Issue Tracker (assigning tickets, closing tickets, etc) and GitHub (adding labels, reviewing PRs etc).

(It seems to me that sometimes others got confused assuming I can merge my small docs PRs myself until reminded otherwise)

What do I want to do as a committer

  • Create and maintain some perpetual list of documentation problems and possible improvements;
  • Review new feature PRs and clarify what needs to be documented; provide follow-up documentation PRs;
  • Regular reviews of how docs are rendered to avoid rendering problems due to unrelated changes (example)
  • Maybe move forward on the idea Matz once had (#16512) to merge my effort on more logical/modern official docs?

NB: I have some ideas for new language features but obviously wouldn't abuse commit rights to merge them.


I am not 100% sure I am qualified to be responsible for (some parts of) documentation being non-native speaker. My English became better during recent years, but it is still far from flawless. I am trying to use spell- and grammar-checking software, but not sure it fully compensates for my flaws.

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+1 from me, @zverok (Victor Shepelev) has done so many documentation improvements and for that I think it makes sense for him to be committer.
And lots of other contributions to Ruby as listed above.

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@matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) What do you think about this?

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I've finished to setup zverok's accounts in


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