Bug #15828

DOTfiles and DOTfolders aren't allowed in $HOME folder on Haiku

Added by extrowerk (Zoltán Mizsei) 11 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

Target version:
ruby -v:
ruby 2.6.3p62 (2019-04-16 revision 67580) [x86_64-haiku]


According to the guidelines, no program should create any file directly in $HOME

For config files we should use the ~/config/settings/ruby folder for .rubyrc (<- this file also should have no dot at the beginning!)
For --user-install the gem files should go into /boot/system/non-packaged/lib/ruby$rubyVersion folder

The system-install path seems to be ok.

I tried to grep the whole source tree, but i can't seem to find the correct place, where they defined. Can somebody give me some hints?

Updated by extrowerk (Zoltán Mizsei) 11 months ago

We need something along theese lines, but integrated as default in ruby:

rubver=`ruby --version | cut -d" " -f2 | cut -d. -f3 --complement`           #had no better idea :(
export RUBY_VER="$rubver.0"
export GEM_PATH="/boot/system/non-packaged/lib/ruby"
export GEM_SPEC_CACHE="$GEM_PATH/spec"
export PATH="$GEM_HOME/bin/:$PATH"

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 11 months ago

References to dot-files under the HOME in standard libraries are:

  • ~/.irbrc by irb
  • ~/.options/ by optparse
  • ~/.rdoc by rdoc
  • ~/.gem/ and ~/.gemrc by RubyGems
  • ~/.rb_shell by shell

OptionParser#load now supports XDG base directory specification and Haiku guideline.
irb, rdoc and RubyGems have each upstreams.

Updated by hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 11 months ago

I'm considering to support XDG guideline with rubygems, irb and etc.


Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) 3 months ago

  • Status changed from Open to Closed

Frankly speaking, it looks very expensive for Ruby to support Haiku as it is very different from the Unix-like system's convention.

If you really want to fix the issue, please submit the issue to each upstream, as nobu said. I recommend you to create a patch yourself.

Updated by hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) 3 months ago

I'm working this at

But it's still WIP status. I'm going to try in the next year.

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