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Appveyor failure - svn 59961 Use https instead of ftp for libffi downloading

Added by MSP-Greg (Greg L) almost 4 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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current trunk


See PR 1702.

Builds previous to 2.4 don't have cert files, hence, can't verify.

See Appveyor Ruby & MinGW detail, which has ruby info on 1.9 thru trunk (after package list)...


appveyor.yml.patch (305 Bytes) appveyor.yml.patch MSP-Greg (Greg L), 09/19/2017 03:17 AM

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Updated by MSP-Greg (Greg L) almost 4 years ago

usa (Usaku NAKAMURA) wrote:

It's not only on 2.4 but also on trunk.

I'm sorry, I wasn't clear. Certs aren't configured correctly on Appveyor for ruby builds previous to 2.4. Hence, a ruby script using them can't verify a https web site. The patch simply changes the ruby version used for building.

Maybe debian has the same problem with cert configuration?

Updated by hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) almost 4 years ago

I added workaround used http at r59964.

I will investigate this later.

Updated by MSP-Greg (Greg L) almost 4 years ago

As you know, without X509::DEFAULT_CERT_FILE or ENV['SSL_CERT_FILE'], properly setup verification won't occur. At present, all Appveyor ruby versions previous to 2.4 have this issue. The above link shows that info.

EDIT: I added an ssl verify test to my Appveyor info run (above link), I also filed an issue with Appveyor.

Thanks again.

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