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06:51 PM Ruby master Bug #17101: YAML.load_file: Massive slowdown under Ruby 2.7 vs. Ruby 2.4
You used the phrase 'runs very very slow'. I found 2.7 slower, as below. What were the times you had?
Using Psych....
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


10:01 AM Ruby master Revision bf758ef8 (git): mswin build - install src zlib files
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
07:55 AM Ruby master Revision a332e8a0 (git): ruby_2_7 update MinGW Actions workflow
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


07:05 AM Ruby master Revision f3ad8a00 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] bundler/lib/bundler/installer.rb - fix Windows 'executable_stubs'
Windows normal shell requires binstubs with *.cmd extensions
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
07:05 AM Ruby master Revision ad743337 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] bundler/spec/commands/binstubs_spec.rb - remove global Windows skip
Added one skip for:
bundle binstubs <gem>
when the gem exists in the lockfile
when generating bundle binstub outside ...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
07:05 AM Ruby master Revision 23cf99e9 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Bundler specs - Windows - remove skips, => File.readlines
Using without a block leaves a file reference that causes issues with file operations
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


06:36 PM Ruby master Bug #16953 (Open): Windows bash bin files removed in master
Master is not creating bash bin files for Windows builds, only files with extensions cmd or bat.
Although running ...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


12:20 AM Ruby master Revision 4cb8b49d (git): [DOC] relative filename `Kernel#.require` and `Kernel#.load` [ci skip]
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


03:22 PM Ruby master Bug #16846 (Closed): Commit - win32ole: separate global variable declarations and definitions - backport?
The below commit fixes building win32ole using MinGW gcc 10.1.0. New Ruby releases (patch/teeny) are normally done w... MSP-Greg (Greg L)


09:32 PM Ruby master Misc #16839: - downloads & tests
Thanks for the reply.
As to CI caching, Actions, AppVeyor, and Travis all support it, but ther...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)

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