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04:54 AM Ruby master Bug #16338 (Open): gemspec stub EOF separators throw warning
Some recent commits generate a warning when comments contain EOF characters, and any extension gems that create more ... MSP-Greg (Greg L)


04:35 AM Ruby master Bug #16337 (Closed): kernel_gem.rb:68 - ThreadError
Found with ruby-loco CLI tests
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


05:51 PM Ruby master Bug #16292 (Closed): Allow RDoc & YARD to find Encoding class doc's
Documentation code (RDoc, YARD) cannot pick up the class comments for Encoding after the following commit:
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


03:39 PM Ruby master Bug #16277: UNIXServer#listen fails with Errno::EADDRINUSE error under Windows 10 / WSL Ubuntu 18.04
Would something like the following yield an equivalent object?
require 'socket'
sock = :UNIX,...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


05:06 AM Ruby master Revision 22845176 (git): test/ruby/test_exception typo fix
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
05:06 AM Ruby master Revision 5e0d33a8 (git): appveyor.yml - remove timezone & tzinfo gems from MSVC builds
Not compatible with concurrent-ruby dependency MSP-Greg (Greg L)


01:10 AM Ruby master Misc #16267 (Open): MinGW CI - add to Actions ?
Actions has three embedded MSYS2 installs, as they currently install the three Windows Rubies with 'DevKits'. So, Mi... MSP-Greg (Greg L)
12:53 AM Ruby master Revision 71ffe40a (git): test/optparse/test_did_you_mean.rb - fix suggestion order
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
12:50 AM Ruby master Bug #16266: Additional empty folders created in lib/ruby/gems/2.7.0/gems by make install
Sorry, but code that creates thirty empty folders is just wrong, regardless of whether it creates 'problems'... MSP-Greg (Greg L)
12:11 AM Ruby master Revision 92234667 (git): test_exception - fix with & w/o did_you_mean
See Ruby issue 16263 MSP-Greg (Greg L)

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