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10:10 PM Ruby master Feature #17342: Hash#fetch_set
I think the feature in general is okay, but I have two concerns:
1) The name very easily suggests that the method ...
duerst (Martin Dürst)


09:25 AM Ruby master Feature #17100: Ractor: a proposal for a new concurrent abstraction without thread-safety issues
ko1 (Koichi Sasada) wrote in #note-37:
> I believe `send` is the best name, so I disagree about it.
Send would ...
duerst (Martin Dürst)


01:15 AM Ruby master Feature #17267: Remove Win32API at Ruby 3.0
Eregon (Benoit Daloze) wrote in #note-4:
> I think it's fine as long as it's moved to a gem, so it can still be used...
duerst (Martin Dürst)


03:13 AM Ruby master Bug #17221: Relax the Fiber#transfer's limitation
Eregon (Benoit Daloze) wrote in #note-11:
> I believe it's `a yielding Fiber` (the first sound in yield-ing is not a...
duerst (Martin Dürst)


07:52 AM Ruby master Feature #15831: Add `Array#extract`, `Hash#extract`, and `ENV.extract`
I'm not exactly at ease with the fact that the proposed methods both change the receiver and return a result. But if ... duerst (Martin Dürst)


02:55 AM Ruby master Feature #17145: Ractor-aware `Object#deep_freeze`
marcandre (Marc-Andre Lafortune) wrote in #note-7:
> I think these objects should stop the propagation. The name `...
duerst (Martin Dürst)


07:01 AM Ruby master Feature #17140: Merge Enumerable#grep(_v) with Enumerable#select/reject
I guess I understand the first example. Just to make sure:
[-3, 4, 0, 8.5, 20, 5].select(1..10) #=> [4, 8.5, ...
duerst (Martin Dürst)
01:32 AM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
One more point: I haven't seen much examples of similar features in other languages. The only suggestion I saw was th... duerst (Martin Dürst)


12:17 PM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
mame (Yusuke Endoh) wrote in #note-38:
> So, external input like JSON data is not the target of this proposal. Ra...
duerst (Martin Dürst)


07:43 AM Ruby master Misc #17041: DevelopersMeeting20200831Japan
Adjust subject to match new date. duerst (Martin Dürst)

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