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08:02 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13241 (Open): Method(s) to access Unicode properties for characters/strings
[This is currently an exploratory proposal.]
Onigmo allows Unicode properties in regular expressions. With this, i...
08:01 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13240 (Open): Change Unicode property implementation in Onigmo from inversion lists to d...
For Unicode property checks (e.g. `/\p{hiragana}/`), Onigmo is currently using inversion lists. See enc/unicode/9.0.0...


11:44 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13217 (Rejected): JSON.parse() chokes on the UTF-8 character EM SPACE (U+2003, e2 80 83)
RFC 7159 defines what's allowed as spaces between data. Please see the 'ws' production at


10:12 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13210 (Rejected): Wrong float substraction result
Floating point calculations have limited precision!
Please read


08:19 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13188: Reinitialize Ruby VM.
Shyouhei Urabe wrote:
> AFAIK the ruby interpreter uses lots of global variables, which makes it practically impossi...


12:55 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13156: In-tree copy of ruby/spec
Benoit Daloze wrote:
> Was this discussed in the last developer meeting?
Apparently not (see


11:49 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13152 (Feedback): Numeric parsing differences between ruby <-> crystal
A few questions:
- What is the result if this expression is written as a formula (i.e. with the exponent as a supe...


10:21 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13110: Byte-based operations for String
Benoit Daloze wrote:
> Shugo Maeda wrote:

> > UTF-32 is not useful because it's a dummy encoding.
> What ab...
08:19 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12969: Allow optional parameter in String#strip and related
Yukihiro Matsumoto wrote:
> Removing pattern may not be set of single character, or may be complex.
> Considering t...
07:50 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12745: String#(g)sub(!) should pass a MatchData to the block, not a String
Herwin W wrote:
> Regarding `String#gsb` and `String#sb`: It is far from clear what the difference between `#sub` an...

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