duerst (Martin Dürst)





04:41 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13371: Syntax Error with regex when parens are omitted
I don't have any first-hand knowledge, but my guess is that a / followed by a space is always interpreted as a divisi...


10:39 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13360 (Closed): MinGW svn 58071 Build broken! Appears unicode related...
MSP-Greg (Greg L) wrote:
> Please close.
08:46 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13303: String#any? as !String#empty?
`any?` would definitely be the wrong name, because for Arrays, [].any? is always true.
Of the names proposed so fa...


10:55 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13352: RegExp infinite looping
I haven't yet had time to analyze the regular expression in detail. Are you sure this is really an infinite loop, and...


05:23 AM Ruby trunk Misc #13329: Creating a German ruby mailinglist on
I'm ready to help out managing the new list if this helps with it's creation.
The existence of ruby-fr is an inter...
04:24 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13333: block to yield
Out of curiosity: What's the use case(s)?


01:50 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13321: String#codepoints for one-byte encodings
InfraRuby (InfraRuby Vision) wrote:
> Please update the documentation for `String#codepoints` too.
That says "Thi...


04:00 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13321: String#codepoints for one-byte encodings
I tried to improve the documentation with r58000. Please tell me if that helps, or if further explanations are needed.


03:07 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13208: and
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer) wrote:
> Just curious:
> ``` ruby
> # => true or false?
> ...
02:57 AM Ruby trunk Misc #13283 (Closed): Disable `&' interpreted as argument prefix warning when passing symbol to E...
First, for `&` immediately before a `:symbol` (without any space inbetween), Nobu already has removed the warning as ...

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