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09:17 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13588 (Feedback): Add Encoding#min_char_size, #max_char_size, #minmax_char_size
haines (Andrew Haines) wrote:
> When implementing an IO-like object, I'd like to handle encoding correctly.
This ...
09:11 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13590 (Open): Change max byte length of UTF-8 to 4 bytes to conform to definition of UTF-8
This seems to be a leftover of issue #11094.
Keeping the max byte length of UTF-8 at 6 seems to only potentially c...


05:03 AM CommonRuby Feature #13585 (Rejected): select! and reject! do not returns the same array in specific situations
This can be surprising, but it's in line with many other destructive methods. It can be very useful when writing a lo...


08:19 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58790 (trunk): add specs for Unicode-wide case conversions introduced in Ruby 2.4
08:05 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58789 (trunk): improve examples, fix one improbably should_not value


05:08 AM Ruby trunk Bug #6696: [PATCH] ERB::Util.url_encode should not escape unreserved characters
It's now close to 19 years since RFC 2396, so please fix this issue, thanks!


10:49 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13567 (Closed): error when compiling localeinit.c on cygwin
I get the following when compiling localeinit.c on cygwin. Please fix, thanks!
compiling localeinit.c


07:43 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13551: Add a method to alias class methods
JustJosh (Joshua Stowers) wrote:
> Thanks Matthew, that result is exactly what I had in mind.
Given that it's ver...


11:21 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11078: 2.2 String#unicode_normalize method does not appear in generated API docs
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak) wrote:
> i see your changes with unicode_normalize_common,
> i only asking because i thin...
11:13 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58618 (trunk): replace hand-written argument check by call to rb_scan_args in unicode_no...
In string.c, replace hand-written argument count check by call to rb_scan_args.
This allows to use rb_funcallv once, ...

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