Bug #12095

ruby_vm_at_exit can sometime cause a crash.

Added by nicolasnoble (Nicolas Noble) about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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This behavior has been seen erratically, but one of our users got it to reproduce almost systematically. We didn't managed to understand what made his system special that it would get that crash to reproduce so well.

Here's one of the reports:

The current workaround to that one (alongside a few other comments) is done here:

Note that removing the call to ruby_vm_at_exit makes everything load fine. Also note that the removed comment from that pull request is wrong: this has been happening on versions of Ruby other than 2.0.

It's interesting to note from the backtrace information that this is happening during a garbage collection. The fact that a garbage collection happens at that exact moment is probably the reason that bug is so difficult to reproduce. Perhaps a modified version of ruby might help reproducing it. Or very specific garbage collector settings.

The fault address (0x88) seems to indicate that a NULL pointer into a struct was being dereferenced.

Disassembling the corresponding execution address seems to point at a crash inside obj_info, from the first line of gc_writebarrier_incremental, but this is after a very quick inspection of the code, so don't take my word from it.

This problem has been repoted to us on Ruby 2.0.0, Ruby 2.2.0, Ruby 2.2.3, Ruby 2.3.0, at least.


at_exit_fix.patch (2.08 KB) at_exit_fix.patch evanphx (Evan Phoenix), 03/15/2016 02:47 AM
at_exit_fix.patch (2.18 KB) at_exit_fix.patch evanphx (Evan Phoenix), 03/15/2016 04:21 PM

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