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06:08 AM Ruby master Feature #16254: MRI internal: Define built-in classes in Ruby with `__intrinsic__` syntax
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme) wrote:
> It would really help to have an example that does more than just wrap the intrinsi...
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05:14 AM Ruby master Bug #15267: File.basename + File.extname does not restore the original name
> basename(1) seems to result in the base name with the dot, when stripping a wildcard suffix.
basename(1) doesn't...
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11:45 AM Ruby master Revision cbf405fe (git): Specify encoding explicitly for sprintf
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11:20 AM Ruby master Feature #15958 (Closed): Time#inspect with frac
Applied in changeset commit:git|5208c431bef3240eb251f5da23723b324431a98e.
Separate Time#inspect from to_s...
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11:20 AM Ruby master Revision 5208c431 (git): Separate Time#inspect from to_s and show subsec [Feature #15958]
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05:20 AM Ruby master Bug #13593: Addrinfo#== behaves oddly
We discussed about this in developer meeting.
This feature has some difficulty in spec for example padding, unknown ...
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06:50 AM Ruby master Bug #16007 (Feedback): Process.clock_getres matches the clock in practice for Process::CLOCK_{PROCESS,THREAD}_CPUTIME_ID FAILED fails on armv7hl
Patch is welcome naruse (Yui NARUSE)


12:09 AM Ruby master Feature #16122: Struct::Value: simple immutable value object
> I believe that concept is that simple, that nobody will even try to use a gem for representing it with, unless the ... naruse (Yui NARUSE)


07:14 AM Ruby master Feature #16131 (Open): Remove $SAFE, taint and trust
Ruby had Taint checking which is originally introduced in Perl.
It w...
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
06:54 AM Ruby master Bug #15908: Detecting BOM with non-UTF encoding
I understand there's theoretically exist a situation this feature is useful.
But I think it doesn't exist in practic...
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