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Ruby Developer 07/18/2008
Backport186 Developer 09/20/2009
Backport187 Developer 09/20/2009
Backport191 Developer 05/16/2009
Backport192 Manager, Developer 08/02/2010
Backport193 Developer 08/24/2011
Backport200 Developer 02/17/2013
Backport21 Developer, Release Manager 12/21/2013
Backport22 Developer 12/19/2014
Ruby 1.8 Developer 04/27/2008
Ruby master Developer, Release Manager 04/27/2008



08:30 AM Ruby master Revision d66b29cc (git): Add link to how to build Ruby
naruse (Yui NARUSE)


04:50 AM Ruby master Feature #18776: Object Shapes
About the general principle, since Ruby is used on many production environment by many companies, non-optional featur... naruse (Yui NARUSE)


01:48 AM Ruby master Feature #18949 (Rejected): Deprecate and remove replicate and dummy encodings
String is a container and an encoding is a label of it. While data whose encoding is an encoding categorized in dummy... naruse (Yui NARUSE)


11:11 AM Ruby master Revision 4491bb74 (git): teenyup
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
10:54 AM Ruby master Revision 8d142ecf (git): Fix dtoa buffer overrun
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
10:53 AM Ruby master Revision 73f45e5e (git): Just free compiled pattern if no space is used
naruse (Yui NARUSE)


07:52 AM Ruby master Bug #18605: Fails to run on (newer) 32bit Windows with ucrt
Why Ruby depends to `_pioinfo` is
* to associate socket and fd: CRuby creates fd with dummy file handle and set sock...
naruse (Yui NARUSE)


12:44 PM Ruby master Revision 542a38f6 (git): gen-mail.rb: support markdown file path
naruse (Yui NARUSE)
09:42 AM Ruby master Revision 53f5fc42 (git): teenyup
naruse (Yui NARUSE)


11:39 AM Ruby master Bug #18578: Hash#shift を繰り返していると ruby が無応答になる。
ruby_3_1 7fe0ebc4e7abd78501094cbb2d47918c8ff29f60 merged revision(s) 496591de96b261b8789332c7f8b2bfbd17658955. naruse (Yui NARUSE)

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