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01:53 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15940: Coerce symbols internal fstrings in UTF8 rather than ASCII to better share memory with string literals
Note that an incompatibility which is caused by the change of string encoding is `String#<<(integer)`.
Maybe Strin...
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01:17 PM Ruby trunk Misc #15930: DevelopersMeeting20190711Japan
[Feature #15958] Time#inspect with frac naruse (Yui NARUSE)
01:12 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15958 (Assigned): Time#inspect with frac
When Matz changed Time#to_s format in 2006, frac part of Time string is dropped because it is considered not useful.
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07:01 AM Ruby trunk Revision 4275f090 (git): remove UNREACHABLE
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03:59 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15931 (Closed): encoding for CESU-8
Applied in changeset commit:git|7f64a0b4db7ee27a04579236950d88301c7bcabb.
Add new encoding CESU-8 [Featur...
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03:58 AM Ruby trunk Revision 7f64a0b4 (git): Add new encoding CESU-8 [Feature #15931]
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10:36 AM Ruby trunk Misc #15905: [Documentation] [Request for the wiki at] - Consider adding more information to statically compiled ruby variants
I think the document should be in doc/ of Ruby repository.
Feel free to create a patch.
Recently our...
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04:10 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15876 (Feedback): 1.to_s.encoding != Encoding.default_internal
What is the problem you are actually troubled with?
If it is just a testing problem, I feel it should just use cor...
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01:20 PM Ruby trunk Revision 22cd4027 (git): vcs.rb support non-inplace build
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05:47 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14915: Deprecate String#crypt
Just removing deprecated feature doesn't provide additional value.
In this case UNIX crypt(3) is sometimes used as...
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