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05:02 AM Ruby master Misc #16093: Prohibit a "foxtrot merge" instead of a merge commit
> I'm probably missing something, but Github allows rebasing from the UI.
GitHub UI allows "rebase and merge" but
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08:50 AM Ruby master Bug #12961: Bad value for range using infinity for Date or Time
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) wrote:
> Since both `Time` and `Date` work with float numbers at the other ends of the ran...
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09:15 AM Ruby master Bug #15992 (Closed): An exception breaks monitor state and cause deadlock
Applied in changeset commit:git|f91879a7b548284c93743168acfd11e3d2aeefac.
handle_interrupt to defend moni...
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06:55 AM Ruby master Bug #15992 (Closed): An exception breaks monitor state and cause deadlock
lib/monitor.rb provides Monitor.
But its state handling is weak for interrupts caused by Thread.kill for example tim...
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09:13 AM Ruby master Revision f91879a7 (git): handle_interrupt to defend monitor state [Bug #15992]
If an exception is raised from another thread for example Timeout
and this thread is just after `mon_exit`'s `@mon_ow...
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02:22 PM Ruby master Misc #15978 (Rejected): Deprecate FIXNUM_MIN and FIXNUM_MAX
robertomiranda (Roberto Miranda) wrote:
> Yeah sure basically for consistency, now that Bignum and Fixnum classes ha...
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11:50 PM Ruby master Feature #15931: encoding for CESU-8
duerst (Martin Dürst) wrote:
> 念のために言っておきますが、 に「It is not intended n...
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01:53 PM Ruby master Feature #15940: Coerce symbols internal fstrings in UTF8 rather than ASCII to better share memory with string literals
Note that an incompatibility which is caused by the change of string encoding is `String#<<(integer)`.
Maybe Strin...
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01:17 PM Ruby master Misc #15930: DevelopersMeeting20190711Japan
[Feature #15958] Time#inspect with frac naruse (Yui NARUSE)
01:12 PM Ruby master Feature #15958 (Assigned): Time#inspect with frac
When Matz changed Time#to_s format in 2006, frac part of Time string is dropped because it is considered not useful.
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