Feature #8515

don't allow irb to dump output for forever and ever

Added by crankharder (Josh Sharpe) over 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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You've done this before, I know you have. You were screwing around in IRB and you ran something stupid and IRB just started dumping output. LOTS of output. Output that would scroll by for an hour if you don't go kill it. Output going by so fast that it's useless. So much output that your lappy laptop starts burning your knees. (That much output!)

Then, to compound problems, Crtl-C doesn't work here. Maybe you're in some weird context, or on a low-mem server and everything is just... What, Bam, UNRESPONSIVE.

Ugh, the troubles! Now you gotta gotta bust out the 'kill -9' (if you can even get another terminal open) and lose any progress you may have been working on.... OH MAN!

Wouldn't it be nice if IRB limited its output, much the way psql/less do? That is, at some point if enough output has scrolled by, Stop, and let me have the option to continue or not.

That'd be cool.


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