Bug #3882

REGRESSION: File.extname() broken (at least >= 1.8.7)

Added by AndiM (Andreas Mohr) over 9 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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require 'pathname'

mytest_filename = ARGV.shift

#mytest_filename_cleaned =
mytest_filename_cleaned = mytest_filename

puts "mytest_filename #{mytest_filename} mytest_filename_cleaned #{mytest_filename_cleaned}"

myext = File.extname(mytest_filename_cleaned)
puts "mytest_filename_cleaned #{mytest_filename_cleaned} myext #{myext}"

Try .//test.out
Won't do what it should, at least on u10.04 ruby1.8 and ruby1.9.1,
as opposed to correct behaviour on ruby-1.8.5-5.el5_4.8.

Since doesn't really specify extname() argument composition constraints
(other than it being a path), it should accept duplicate slashes since this syntax is treated as a valid path pretty much everywhere.

Do you happen to have a test suite for these core API things? Since extname() also had some other issues (spaces before extension etc.),
this would be useful.

Other than this rather disturbing behaviour, I'm VERY impressed with Ruby.


Andreas Mohr


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It's already fixed at 1.8.7-p302.

BTW, ruby_1_8_6 branch has this problem yet.


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Backport r27404.


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