Feature #16482

net/http should support TLS connection to proxies

Added by xformer (Frank Schwab) 6 months ago.

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Right now net/http forces the user to use a clear text connection to a proxy. This massively reduces security as the user is forced to sent proxy authentication data in the clear.

A proxy is specified in net/http like this:

proxy_addr = ''
proxy_port = 8080
proxy_user = 'aProxyUser'
proxy_pwd  = 'aProxyPassword''', nil, proxy_addr, proxy_port, proxy_user, proxy_pwd).start { |http|
  # always proxy via your.proxy.addr:8080, user 'aProxyUser', password 'aProxyPassword'

There is no scheme present in the 'proxy_addr' variable. In the code of Net::HTTP::new the proxy connection is opened via a TCP socket, not via HTTP or HTTPS.

As this considerably weakens security I would like to suggest that it should be made possible to specify that the connection to the proxy is done through a TLS connection. Maybe there could be a use_ssl parameter or the like.

Note that this issue is not about the connection that is routed through the proxy but about the connection to the proxy itself.

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