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01:46 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13919: Add a new method to create Time instances from unix time and nsec
I think new method is possible if we find a good method name.
Another idea is adding an optional argument, unit, f...


07:19 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13803: Add Socket::Ifaddr.vhid on supported platforms
Although I don't tested, it seems fine except the document should use Integer instead of Fixnum.
06:59 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13597: Does read_nonblock call remalloc for the buffer if does it just set the size attribute
We discussed this in a developer meeting,
it is better to call realloc when outbuf is not given and
maxlen - len is...
06:41 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13597: Does read_nonblock call remalloc for the buffer if does it just set the size attribute
I think that it's possible to call remalloc when
"outbuf" argument is not supplied to read_nonblock.
It makes pos...


05:31 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13716 (Feedback): Unexpected or undocumented (or maybe both) behaviour when mixing String#scan with named captures
When you use a named capture, parenthesises are not considered as a capture.
So, you need to add name for all capt...


09:17 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13593 (Feedback): Addrinfo#== behaves oddly
It is difficult compare Addrinfo objects precisely if not impossible.
Using Addrinfo#inspect as addrinfo_eql.diff ...
06:28 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13743: Support linking of files opened with O_TMPFILE
I feel this is too Linux and environment specific.
For example, it depends /proc/fd.
I think that it is better to...


08:56 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13407: We have recv_nonblock but not send_nonblock... can we add it?
I cannot remember why I didn't add send_nonblock.
However I feel adding send_nonblock is considerable because


10:22 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11952: Use getrusage for Process.times if available
It seems fine.
Actually, times(3) is implemented using getrusage(2) on NetBSD.


09:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13492: Integer#prime? and Prime.each might produce false positives
The patch seems good.

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