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JSON#generate documentation wrong/misleading

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That says JSON.generate only allows "objects or arrays", that to_json allows more, and uses 1.to_json as an example for that. But I just tried JSON.generate(1) and it works as well. What's up with that?
That talks about state a lot. I think it should say opts, as that is the argument name, no? Also, it says "state is * a JSON::State object". Note the "*". I think this should be a bullet point, i.e., "a JSON::State object" should be an item in the list following it.

Updated by shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) almost 3 years ago

You are right, the statement in the documentation that .generate() only allows "objects
or arrays" is technically not logical. Firstly, in ruby everything is an object, or
at the least, when we include Integers and Symbols, object-like in their behaviour (they
have the same object_id all the time of course, unlike e. g. String objects). So when
the documenation mentions "objects or arrays", this is not logical because arrays are
objects too; and even more importantly, the documentation claims that 1 is not valid
but it becomes a String object, so the documented behaviour is not the real behaviour.

I would suggest to change the wording, to also expand it with more examples, not just
via "1" alone, and to clear up the comment about JSON.generate().

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I added a pull request to fix the first issue:

There is an existing pull request to fix the second issue:

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