shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




12:37 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15307: TestJIT#test_{catching_deep_exception,compile_insn_throw,lambda_longjmp} segfaults
> BTW output the code with some markup 1 is a nice idea, but apparently,
> it does the attached output unreadable in...


02:46 PM CommonRuby Feature #13581: Syntax sugar for method reference
I think `.:` is better than `:::` but it is not very pretty either. I have
no better suggestion, though. Good syntax...


03:28 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15301: Symbol#call, returning method bound with arguments
> I understand and respect core team's reluctance for adding new methods to core classes
Ultimately it is up to ma...


10:46 PM Ruby trunk Misc #15298: Inconsistent date errors
While I am not sure if ArgumentError for all entries would be the proper
solution, I agree that there may be more el...


02:24 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15289: Accept "target" keyword on `TracePoint#enable`
Sounds nice. Please do not forget documentation when/if approved/added. :)
I have no particular opinion on the API...


08:15 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15287: New TracePoint events to support loading features
I love introspection, so .. \o/
12:33 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15286: Proposal: Add Kernel.#expand(*args)
I think one possible question in regards to the suggestion here is whether the above method may be useful
on its own...


02:15 PM Ruby trunk Feature #4475: default variable name for parameter
I also like the idea in principle, largely because I can relate to the idea. I encounter
this every now and then whe...


03:43 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11689: Add methods allow us to get visibility from Method and UnboundMethod object.
(I think it may be easier to file a separate issue for the predicate methods,
such as Method#public?, Method#protect...


03:25 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15277: at_exec
> I imagine that the need of calling at_exec is rare though
I think something similar could be said about at_exit....

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