shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




09:05 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13604: Exposing alternative interface of readline
All improvements to Readline are great - I can't have commandline user interfaces in ruby (on linux) without Readline...


02:11 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13588: Add Encoding#min_char_size, #max_char_size, #minmax_char_size
Seems sensible to me. Guess someone from the ruby core team or matz should chime in and perhaps comment - or someone ...


05:33 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13551: Add a method to alias class methods
Martin showed this example:
> class Array
> class << self
> alias :my_new :new
> end
Ruby allows thi...
05:29 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13551: Add a method to alias class methods
> Given that it's very easy (as shown by Matthew) to create such a method, do you think it's necessary that this
> b...


08:01 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13583: Adding `Hash#transform_keys` method
I think the names are good, both #transform_keys and #transform_values.
Seem quite clear to me from the names.


06:12 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13560: Module#attr_ methods return reasonable values
What would perhaps be nice would be to have a way to initialize these to nil, upon
attr_* definition, but I guess th...
05:57 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13563: Implement Hash#choice method.
I am neutral about the suggestion, neither pro or con.
I think the only thing that I want to point out is that .ch...


06:10 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13532 (Assigned): Enable :encoding key or open-uri (open()) similar as to how
Hello ruby core team and everyone else.
I lately had some odd behaviour and mixing of Encodings in my


06:58 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13518: Indented multiline comments
I have no particular pro or con opinion here (I do not use =begin or =end anyway,
only '#') but would this even be p...
06:57 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13516: Improve the text of the circular require warning
I am not sure if this particular message is better or not - but I agree with you in
general. To me this was a source...

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