shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




11:51 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14539: Duplicate range in character class warning
Agreed. Your code did not use more than one \X so the warning is
incorrect as it is (because you did not use more th...


12:07 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14492: iseq loading + caching should be in core
> So not such a big difference.
I also ran it just because I was curious.
> time ruby -e exit
real 0m0.109s
07:50 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14491: MJIT needs internal debugging methods
Not sure about the method-names above, but I agree with the reasoning;
we have methods on "GC." too so I think it wo...


03:44 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14476: Adding same_all? for checking whether all items in an Array are same
I agree with Martin. Perhaps alternatives such as all_same? or
even better, all_equal? could be explored/used.


12:11 PM Ruby trunk Misc #14483: Enchance Method docs


04:48 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14478: String #uminus should de-dupe unconditionally
I don't have any pro or con opinion here but I wanted to comment on
one statement:
> maybe only another like 5 pe...


11:51 AM Ruby trunk Misc #14470: Use Commit together with co-authors Github feature in svn commits
I think the ruby core team and/or matz has to decide on attribution.
It can probably be done in SVN as-is, without d...
12:24 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14468: Add Proc#dig
I am not one of the devs so this is just my own opinion.
I sort of agree with the proposal; not so much because I ...


12:44 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14462: MJIT enabled should be displayed in the version string
I somewhat agree with the general notion of the suggestion. I am not
entirely sure whether it should also be added t...


08:04 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14458: RubyVM::InstructionSequence compilation loses Regexp encoding
I remember several months ago having had some problems with
encoding + regexes. I do not remember what was ...

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