shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




11:04 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13904: getter for original information of Enumerator
> evil things for optimization and specialization
Reminds me of good old evil.rb - now I am suddenly all for it! J...


05:16 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13913: Method definition with explicitly callable method names
> I cannot understand "But you may want to discuss the issue further." correctly.
I think it means that matz has n...
01:49 AM Ruby trunk Misc #13909 (Rejected): [Docu] Typo in ruby ftp - "Returns true iff the connection is closed."
"Returns true iff t...


08:21 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13906: homepage in gemspec
I believe Hiroshi Shibata can answer this, he is busy integrating
gems and doing a lot of work on the .gemspec file...
08:13 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13907: Operation not permitted (Errno::EPERM) when adjusting .irbrc_history file permissions
I am pretty sure that this is a small bug in IRB. It is a method in IRB itself,
so it should be the responsibility o...
03:25 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13903: cant compile ruby with /MT on windows
Just for curiosity, ruby 2.4.x works for you on windows if you compile it?


11:36 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13893: Add Fiber#[] and Fiber#[]= and restore Thread#[] and Thread#[]= to their original behavior
I have nothing against the suggestion itself. However, there is no general, universal "Principal of Least Surprise".


03:47 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13891: Rake - no files in bin folder - 59839
I think it is all a bit messy right now and a while ago. :)
See also other errors related to gems and compiling th...


10:51 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13879: [Not sure if a bug or not] case/when menus and trailing ',' commas in when clauses
I forgot to add - I assume that the puts invocation may lead to
trigger the above behaviour. My main confusion is wh...
10:49 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13879 (Rejected): [Not sure if a bug or not] case/when menus and trailing ',' commas in when clauses
I am not sure if the following is a bug or a feature.
x = 'foobar'
case x
when 'a','b','c',

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