shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




06:26 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14129: Feature Request: sockets - add support for recvmmsg
I can not answer the question, but I believe this should be filed at "Feature"
rather than "Bug". Normally the ruby ...


08:58 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14128: Introduce Hash#delete default value
I think this should be filed under features rather than bugs.
Here is a link to the documentation if anyone else w...


08:58 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14125: Readline Module (STDLIB): Add support for ^O emacs keybinding?
Is the functionality you referred to in the C readline available already?
Sometimes it may take a little while to ...


05:37 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14123: Kernel#pp by default
I agree with Yusuke Endoh.
I also wanted to suggest this many times before but shied away because
I was not sure ...
06:26 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14122: Add LogicError
I am not sure if this is a good new error "type".
Who defines what exactly is not about "logic" in these cases? Is...


05:22 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14121: test-all - rename duplicate classes for consistent test count
I like that you use an overview (the html page) for people to have a look at.
05:19 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14120: Gem bundle installation on ruby 2.2.2
Actually this is something I have not thought about yet; bundler is
now distributed with ruby past 2.5.x right? So ...
06:32 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14116: Add Matrix #exponentiate method as Matlab's exp
Once again it is back to the oldest problem in computer technology - giving things a proper name. :-)


10:00 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14043: Introduce Process.last_status as an alias for $?
I don't want to write too much, but I would suggest more patience from
you, Ana. In particular towards any path forw...


09:07 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14114: Add #step for Array, Enumerable, Enumerator
I think you filed this in the wrong subsection (Bug rather than Feature).
To the topic - I am not sure if .step() ...

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