shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




04:19 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14709: Proper pattern matching
I think only matz can answer that.
On a side note, I am not aware of a issue request about it. Has this
already b...
09:53 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14706: Atomic Integer incr/decr
I guess this may come up several times in the future. Would
this be a good candidate for discussion in the upcoming...


04:19 PM Ruby trunk Misc #14698: DevelopersMeeting20180517Japan
Just one comment:
> From this time, we use a ticket to make dev-meeting agenda page
I think this is a go...


04:54 PM Ruby trunk Feature #6670: str.chars.last should be possible
While I myself have not needed str.chars.last, I can understand
why Yutaka HARA suggested it. Makes sense to me pers...
04:47 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12912: An endless range `(1..)`
The idea is interesting (I think we currently can not specify
infinite ranges easily? Then again I myself have not ...


04:24 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14691: ANSI Erase in Line not working properly in Windows
> has an off by one error
It's always these two major problems in the fields of computer and programming:
- Giv...
04:55 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14688: Net::HTTPResponse#value raises "Net::HTTPServerException" in 4xx response
The described transition path makes sense (to me).


04:12 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14656: Improve mkmf error message when ruby.h is missing
nobu already solved this, but I wanted to make one comment to:
> Maybe the error message could hint at this sol...
04:09 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14666: nil.any?{} should return false
Let's let nil remain nil rather than maybe become maybe-nil.


07:48 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14680: Adding +@ and -@ to hash and array
I like `.dup` and `.freeze`, more than `+` and `-` on class `String`.

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