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02:27 PM Ruby master Bug #3512 (Closed): ri shows '__send__' incorrectly
Since '_' is used as a word-based markup for emphasizing, Ri description of Object#__send__ is broken:

tomonacci (Tomo Kazahaya)


02:28 AM Ruby master Bug #3084: ri shows the same description twice

It seems to be fixed for most of the classes.
Though Integer is still showing this symptom...
tomonacci (Tomo Kazahaya)


12:54 PM Ruby master Bug #3169: RDoc crossref confused by instance and class methods having same name
On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 1:56 AM, Eric Hodel <> wrote:

> I've seen no de-facto mapping ...
tomonacci (Tomo Kazahaya)


05:35 AM Ruby master Feature #3085 (Closed): Time dumping/loading using Psych
Due to the precision of timestamp that Psych dumps, dumped time loaded
by Psych is not always identical to ...
tomonacci (Tomo Kazahaya)
04:51 AM Ruby master Bug #3084 (Closed): ri shows the same description twice
For some classes/modules, ri shows the same description twice. e.g.:

$ ruby -v
ruby 1.9.2dev (2010...
tomonacci (Tomo Kazahaya)

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