Bug #17051

Crash when attempting to load schema in Rails application

Added by (Tom Hoen) about 2 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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2.3.1, 2.3.8, 2.4.9


I am experiencing a crash when running rake db:schema:load or rake db:migrate in a Rails 4.2.9/Mysql2 0.4.0 application.

I don't believe it is a specific issue with a ruby version, as I have tried with Rubies 2.3.1, 2.3.8, and 2.4.9.

I also have another rails application (also Rails 4.2.9 and Mysql2 0.4.0 where I can successfully run those commands.

Yesterday I had to reinstall RVM and all of my Rubies. That is when the issue began. Up until then, I have had no issues running that command in the same application.

I have tried running the command after removing all of the gems in the application other than Rails and Mysql2.

Reviewing the stack trace, I am not seeing anything particular to the application that might be culprit.

I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Rails and Mysql2 gems.


ruby_2020-07-25-142435_NFG-TOM-1602.crash (57.1 KB) ruby_2020-07-25-142435_NFG-TOM-1602.crash Crash Report Log File (Tom Hoen), 07/25/2020 06:41 PM

Updated by alanwu (Alan Wu) about 2 months ago

Support for the 2.4 series has ended. Could you see if upgrading to a newer version of Ruby solves the crash?

Updated by (Tom Hoen) about 2 months ago

Thank you for responding Alan. Is 2.5.8 sufficient?

Updated by alanwu (Alan Wu) about 2 months ago

Thank you for responding Alan. Is 2.5.8 sufficient?

Actually, you seem to be running into a known problem in the mysql2 gem.
Please see and

Regarding Ruby versions, the 2.5 series doesn't receive bug fixes, so if you are running into a bug in Ruby itself you'd need to upgrade to 2.6 at least. Again, this seems to be a bug in mysql2 rather than Ruby itself, though.

Updated by (Tom Hoen) about 2 months ago

I think you are correct Alan. During my rebuild of the laptop, I inadvertently installed v 8 instead of 5.6. What threw me off was the other Rails app working without issue, using the same ruby version, mysql2 version, and Mysql database.

Updated by (Tom Hoen) about 2 months ago

I have confirmed you are correct. After switching back to my original installation of mysql, all is good.


Updated by duerst (Martin Dürst) about 2 months ago

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