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09:56 PM Ruby master Misc #18747: DevMeeting-2022-05-19
* [Bug #18730] Double `return` event handling with different tracepoints
* In one situation, enabling a TracePoint...
alanwu (Alan Wu)
09:37 PM Ruby master Revision 7448afcc (git): Fix potential GC issue while iterating over weak refs
While walking over the list of subclasses for `include` and friends, we
check whether the subclass is a garbage objec...
alanwu (Alan Wu)
09:37 PM Ruby master Revision cae85c52 (git): Mark RCLASS_INCLUDER
Since 4d8f76286beefbb8f7fba2479f6d0a0b4a47304c, we need to dereference
the includer field on iclasses, so we need to ...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


08:48 PM Ruby master Revision 379f5a6e (git): Update reference for RCLASS_INCLUDER during compaction
We didn't update the includer field during compaction so it could become
a dangling pointer after compaction. It's on...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


06:33 PM Ruby master Bug #18730: Double `return` event handling with different tracepoints
> Aren't both handlers same (global) in my first example?
They are, but the two invocations are coming from two
alanwu (Alan Wu)
06:03 PM Ruby master Revision 5f20f4de (git): YJIT: Reject USE_FLONUM=0 builds at build time
YJIT can't support these builds so it's better to reject with a message
than to crash at runtime.
alanwu (Alan Wu)
06:00 PM Ruby master Revision b793245d (git): [DOC] Some YJIT dependencies are no longer required
The `capstone` crate on does not need `libcapstone` on the system
because it builds from [source].
`gdbm` i...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


12:50 AM Ruby master Bug #18730: Double `return` event handling with different tracepoints
So having just read the code, I understand why you are seeing this behavior.
We run global handlers before local han...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


10:20 PM Ruby master Revision 5c843a1a (git): YJIT: Enable default rustc lints (warnings) (#5864)
`rustc` performs in depth dead code analysis and issues warning
even for things like unused struct fields and unconst...
alanwu (Alan Wu)
07:03 PM Ruby master Revision fead7107 (git): YJIT: Adopt Clippy suggestions we like
This adopts most suggestions that rust-clippy is confident enough to
auto apply. The manual changes mostly fix manual...
alanwu (Alan Wu)

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