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05:00 PM Ruby master Revision 0d9913e5 (git): Fix indentation in test
alanwu (Alan Wu)
05:00 PM Ruby master Revision 6875d6d1 (git): Expect multi-line -v output for -DRUBY_DEVEL in tests
On -DRUBY_DEVEL builds, `ruby -v` can print extra info about the last
commit on a separate line, breaking some tests ...
alanwu (Alan Wu)
05:00 PM Ruby master Revision fdbae385 (git): YJIT: move --yjit-stats at_exit call into Ruby
This change fixes `-v --yjit-stats`. Previously in this situation,
YJIT._print_stats wasn't defined as yjit.rb is not...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


02:45 PM Ruby master Revision 244c98e6 (git): Strip out YJIT at build time when unsupported or disabled (#5003)
In an effort to minimize build issues on non x64 platforms, we can
decide at build time to not build the bulk of YJIT...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


09:22 PM Ruby master Revision f8006982 (git): YJIT: Don't take VM lock on constant IC fill when disabled
While theoretically it's fine to take the lock and then immediately release
it, we don't need to do it when YJIT is off.
alanwu (Alan Wu)
02:53 PM Ruby master Revision ba4bf8a1 (git): Fix simple test on platforms where compaction is not supported
844588f9157b364244a7d34ee0fcc70ccc2a7dd9 made it so that trying to call
gc_verify_compaction_references on unsupporte...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


07:07 PM Ruby master Revision bdfc23cb (git): YJIT: don't compile attr_accessor methods when tracing (#4998)
2d98593bf54a37397c6e4886ccc7e3654c2eaf85 made it so that
attr_accessor methods fire C method tracing events.
alanwu (Alan Wu)


11:04 PM Ruby master Revision 6a9e2b3c (git): YJIT: Show GCC that the mmap probing loop runs at least once
./src/yjit_asm.c:196:8: warning: 'mem_block' may be used uninitialized [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
alanwu (Alan Wu)
10:19 PM Ruby master Revision cffa1162 (git): Do kwarg shuffle after checking for interrupts
Previously, we were shuffling keyword arguments before checking for
interrupts. In the case that we side exit in the ...
alanwu (Alan Wu)
10:19 PM Ruby master Revision 00be5846 (git): Fix non RUBY_DEBUG build warnings
On non RUBY_DEBUG builds, assert() compiles to nothing and the compiler
warns about uninitialized variables in those ...
alanwu (Alan Wu)

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