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08:44 PM Ruby master Revision c56fdaec (git): Revert assert for debugging on CI
This reverts commit ac69849e49982ea83036c04c5d5f7245e3956a49.
The bug seems to have been fixed.
alanwu (Alan Wu)


10:20 PM Ruby master Revision 196eada8 (git): mutete -> mutate
alanwu (Alan Wu)


02:24 PM Ruby master Revision 0d17cdd0 (git): Abort on system stack overflow during GC
Buggy native extensions could have mark functions that cause stack
overflow. When a stack overflow happens during GC,...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


04:27 PM Ruby master Revision 24820d50 (git): Return nil when argument to ObjectSpace.internal_class_of is T_IMEMO
The added test case crashes the interpreter because it makes
ObjectSpace.internal_class_of return the second VALUE sl...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


09:41 PM Ruby master Revision d4585e74 (git): Avoid potential for rb_raise() while crashing
rb_obj_raw_info is called while printing out crash messages and
sometimes called during garbage collection. Calling r...
alanwu (Alan Wu)
07:49 AM Ruby master Revision 7b9ef667 (git): Don't call to_s in const_set
Follow up for 5e16857315bf55307c5fc887ca6f03bfa0630a93. Calling a method
in the middle of const_set adds a way that i...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


02:02 AM Ruby master Revision 4c3f0597 (git): Remove the pc argument of vm_trace()
This makes the binary 272 bytes smaller on -O3 GCC 10.2.0. alanwu (Alan Wu)


08:27 PM Ruby master Bug #17048: Calling initialize_copy on live modules leads to crashes
Yes, nobu's patch fixes the crash. It is technically a breaking change though, so maybe it needs approval from Matz?
alanwu (Alan Wu)


09:18 PM Ruby master Feature #16984 (Closed): Remove write barrier exemption for T_ICLASS
Applied in changeset commit:git|264e4cd04fbcdcb739a1ff9a84e19afe66005cb2.
Remove write barrier exemption ...
alanwu (Alan Wu)
09:17 PM Ruby master Revision 264e4cd0 (git): Remove write barrier exemption for T_ICLASS
Before this commit, iclasses were "shady", or not protected by write
barriers. Because of that, the GC needs to spend...
alanwu (Alan Wu)

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