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r64925 order-only-prerequisites - make targets - breaking change

Added by MSP-Greg (Greg L) almost 3 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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This commit has changed behavior of make targets such that make install or make install-nodoc is now running tests.

Viewing Travis history shows that before the commit trunk builds took approx 17 - 23 minutes, they are now taking up to 49 minutes. If you view the log for Travis Job #27742.2:

First off, it's 222k lines. test-all is being done three times, test-spec is being done twice.

I'm not particular about target naming, but I think targets simiar in functionality to what was available before r64925 should continue to be available.

Since MinGW has been added to CI, ruby-loco can be focused on whether a correct install is being built/packaged.

All its tests are run without make on install. All tests are going to separate log files (one each for STDOUT & STDERR), and the tests are also wrapped in a timer such that, regardless of whether one suite freezes/locks, all tests are run. Because of this, I need separate targets for each. JFYI, most of the changes needed to run on install were in RubyGems & mkmf.

Of course, I'm still interested in consistent, reliable, and repeatable testing. Random is also a goal...

Thanks, Greg

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r64925 was reverted shortly after this in 3757515501347685bfbd9ef11bc03e93c66d1dc9, so this can be closed.


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