Bug #1077


Ruby 1.9.1 build fails in miniruby invocation on Linux

Added by prsangamon (Patrick Roemer) almost 14 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

Target version:
ruby -v:


[autoconf, config --prefix=~/applications/ruby/ruby1.9.1, make]
gcc -O2 -g -Wall -Wno-parentheses -L. -rdynamic -Wl,-export-dynamic main.o dln.o dmyencoding.o miniprelude.o array.o bignum.o class.o compar.o complex.o dir.o enum.o enumerator.o error.o eval.o load.o proc.o file.o gc.o hash.o inits.o io.o marshal.o math.o numeric.o object.o pack.o parse.o process.o random.o range.o rational.o re.o regcomp.o regenc.o regerror.o regexec.o regparse.o regsyntax.o ruby.o safe.o signal.o sprintf.o st.o strftime.o string.o struct.o time.o transcode.o util.o variable.o version.o compile.o debug.o iseq.o vm.o vm_dump.o thread.o cont.o ascii.o us_ascii.o unicode.o utf_8.o newline.o strlcpy.o strlcat.o dmyext.o -lpthread -lrt -ldl -lcrypt -lm -o miniruby
rbconfig.rb unchanged
./miniruby -I./lib -I.ext/common -I./- -r./ext/purelib.rb ./enc/make_encmake.rb --builtin-encs="ascii.o us_ascii.o unicode.o utf_8.o" --builtin-transes="newline.o"
/home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:177: [BUG] Stack consistency error (sp: 70, bp: 68)
ruby 1.9.1p0 (2009-01-30 revision 21907) [i686-linux]

-- control frame ----------
c:0017 p:0178 s:0070 b:0068 l:000054 d:000067 BLOCK /home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:177
c:0016 p:---- s:0061 b:0061 l:000060 d:000060 FINISH
c:0015 p:---- s:0059 b:0059 l:000058 d:000058 CFUNC :gsub!
c:0014 p:0023 s:0055 b:0055 l:000054 d:000054 METHOD /home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:173
c:0013 p:0018 s:0050 b:0050 l:000041 d:000049 BLOCK /home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:191
c:0012 p:---- s:0047 b:0047 l:000046 d:000046 FINISH
c:0011 p:---- s:0045 b:0045 l:000044 d:000044 CFUNC :each_value
c:0010 p:3351 s:0042 b:0042 l:000041 d:000041 CLASS /home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:190
c:0009 p:0009 s:0040 b:0040 l:000039 d:000039 TOP /home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:5
c:0008 p:---- s:0038 b:0038 l:000037 d:000037 FINISH
c:0007 p:---- s:0036 b:0036 l:000035 d:000035 CFUNC :require
c:0006 p:0011 s:0032 b:0032 l:000031 d:000031 TOP /home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/lib/mkmf.rb:4
c:0005 p:---- s:0018 b:0018 l:000017 d:000017 FINISH
c:0004 p:---- s:0016 b:0016 l:000015 d:000015 CFUNC :load
c:0003 p:0104 s:0012 b:0012 l:0017cc d:00066c EVAL ./enc/make_encmake.rb:8
c:0002 p:---- s:0004 b:0004 l:000003 d:000003 FINISH
c:0001 p:0000 s:0002 b:0002 l:0017cc d:0017cc TOP :17

-- Ruby level backtrace information-----------------------------------------
/home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:177:in block in expand' /home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:173:in gsub!'
/home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:173:in expand' /home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:191:in block in module:RbConfig'
/home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:190:in each_value' /home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:190:in module:RbConfig'
/home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/rbconfig.rb:5:in <top (required)>' /home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/lib/mkmf.rb:4:in require'
/home/patrick/unpack/ruby/ruby-1.9.1-p0/lib/mkmf.rb:4:in <top (required)>' ./enc/make_encmake.rb:8:in load'
./enc/make_encmake.rb:8:in `'

-- C level backtrace information -------------------------------------------
0x815be18 ./miniruby(rb_vm_bugreport+0x48) [0x815be18]
0x8083aee ./miniruby [0x8083aee]
0x8083b68 ./miniruby(rb_bug+0x28) [0x8083b68]
0x8151b74 ./miniruby [0x8151b74]
0x81522b4 ./miniruby [0x81522b4]
0x8158889 ./miniruby(rb_yield+0x299) [0x8158889]
0x811dbd8 ./miniruby [0x811dbd8]
0x8149d4d ./miniruby [0x8149d4d]
0x815712e ./miniruby [0x815712e]
0x814e5cf ./miniruby [0x814e5cf]
0x81522b4 ./miniruby [0x81522b4]
0x8158889 ./miniruby(rb_yield+0x299) [0x8158889]
0x80970e7 ./miniruby [0x80970e7]
0x80978f2 ./miniruby [0x80978f2]
0x810c1a6 ./miniruby(st_foreach+0xa6) [0x810c1a6]
0x8099622 ./miniruby [0x8099622]
0x8084e01 ./miniruby(rb_ensure+0x81) [0x8084e01]
0x8098a22 ./miniruby(rb_hash_foreach+0x42) [0x8098a22]
0x8098f2b ./miniruby [0x8098f2b]
0x815712e ./miniruby [0x815712e]
0x814e5cf ./miniruby [0x814e5cf]
0x81522b4 ./miniruby [0x81522b4]
0x815252a ./miniruby(rb_iseq_eval+0xfa) [0x815252a]
0x80875b7 ./miniruby(rb_load+0x167) [0x80875b7]
0x808819b ./miniruby(rb_require_safe+0x4bb) [0x808819b]
0x815712e ./miniruby [0x815712e]
0x814e5cf ./miniruby [0x814e5cf]
0x81522b4 ./miniruby [0x81522b4]
0x815252a ./miniruby(rb_iseq_eval+0xfa) [0x815252a]
0x80875b7 ./miniruby(rb_load+0x167) [0x80875b7]
0x80876e9 ./miniruby [0x80876e9]
0x8149d4d ./miniruby [0x8149d4d]
0x815712e ./miniruby [0x815712e]
0x814e5cf ./miniruby [0x814e5cf]
0x81522b4 ./miniruby [0x81522b4]
0x8152404 ./miniruby(rb_iseq_eval_main+0x94) [0x8152404]
0x808593f ./miniruby(ruby_exec_node+0x9f) [0x808593f]
0x8086d26 ./miniruby(ruby_run_node+0x46) [0x8086d26]
0x805c240 ./miniruby(main+0x60) [0x805c240]
0x400db5f5 /lib/ [0x400db5f5]
0x805c141 ./miniruby [0x805c141]

Linux #1 SMP 2008-12-12 20:30:38 +0100 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
openSUSE 11.0 (i586)
gcc version 4.3.1 20080507 (prerelease) [gcc-4_3-branch revision 135036] (SUSE Linux)

Actions #1

Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) almost 14 years ago


2009/1/31 Patrick Roemer :

Linux #1 SMP 2008-12-12 20:30:38 +0100 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
openSUSE 11.0 (i586)
gcc version 4.3.1 20080507 (prerelease) [gcc-4_3-branch revision 135036] (SUSE Linux)

This seems to be SUSE's gcc issue. [ruby-core:18029] [ruby-core:18366]

You can do:

  • use openSUSE 11.1,
  • build correct gcc by yourself, or
  • configure with optflags="-O0" (which is the easiest but dodgy
    solution; I wouldn't recomment)


Yusuke ENDOH


Actions #2

Updated by prsangamon (Patrick Roemer) almost 14 years ago

Updating to SuSE 11.1 (gcc 4.3.2) worked, thanks!

Actions #3

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) almost 14 years ago

  • Status changed from Open to Closed




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