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03:17 PM Ruby master Bug #11174: threads memory leak
The problem remains on a manually built glibc 2.28 with ruby 2.7.0dev (2019-06-17T14:25:47Z trunk 801d0d9dd7) [x86_64... cvss (Kirill Vechera)
09:27 AM Ruby master Bug #15932 (Closed): wrong "void value expression" error for 'next' or 'break' statements inside an 'if' assignment
When a 'next' or 'break' statement for block/loop control is placed inside an 'if' assignment, the parser outputs an ... cvss (Kirill Vechera)


03:34 PM Ruby master Bug #10984: Hash#contain? to check whether hash contains other hash
I second Ilya's opinion regarding partially ordered sets. But propose to implement the comparision similiar to classe... cvss (Kirill Vechera)


03:48 PM Ruby master Bug #11174: threads memory leak
I've checked the bug on older versions and the 2.2-head: leaks all but 1.8.7
$ ruby --version
ruby 2.2.3p139...
cvss (Kirill Vechera)


09:35 PM Ruby master Bug #11178 (Closed): possible bug: a thread killed when waiting on ConditionVariable locks the mutex again before real exit
Probably it's not a bug, but just a hidden behaviour. Please write your comments.
When a thread waits on Condition...
cvss (Kirill Vechera)


09:28 PM Ruby master Bug #11175 (Closed): possible fibers memory leak or risky GC behavior
There's strong memory growth on mass Fiber creation/deletion.
Script to demonstrate the problem (on x86_64-linux):...
cvss (Kirill Vechera)
09:16 PM Ruby master Bug #11174 (Open): threads memory leak
There's strong memory growth during intensive thread using.
Script to demonstrate the problem (on x86_64-linux):
cvss (Kirill Vechera)


04:45 PM Ruby master Bug #11166 (Closed): thread becames broken after unsuccessful system() or Process.spawn() call
After calling system() or Process.spawn() with non-existing command the thread works incorrectly:
* doesn't response...
cvss (Kirill Vechera)

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