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01:15 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14562 (Closed): Do not warn for assignment in conditionals inside ()
Ruby warns against this code, which is very helpful.
% ruby -we 'if a=1; p a; end'
-e:1: warning: found = in...
matsuda (Akira Matsuda)


08:50 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14141: Add a method to Exception for retrieving formatted exception for logging purpose (Exception#{formatted,display})
> I'm not sure this name is proper, suggestions appreciated
How about "to_formatted_s"?
Active Support has this m...
matsuda (Akira Matsuda)


12:16 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13872: Duplicate assignment no longer silences "assigned but unused variable" warning
Yes, in my understanding that is exactly the case we use this idiom for, usually when the contents of ERB is user-giv... matsuda (Akira Matsuda)


02:23 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13872: Duplicate assignment no longer silences "assigned but unused variable" warning
This is not a bug. The warning you see is a result of an improvement of "unused variable" detection at r59585.
Now i...
matsuda (Akira Matsuda)


11:35 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10222: require_relative and require should be compatible with each other when symlinks are used
Here's an actual use case that we saw in Rails:
matsuda (Akira Matsuda)


04:17 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13237: Behavior for #dup and #clone on Rational/Complex/BigDecimal differs from Integer/Float
Will this be backported to 2.4? (IOW is this 2.4.0 bug or 2.5 new feature?) matsuda (Akira Matsuda)


10:59 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13222 (Closed): Array#sum inconsistency when init value is non-numeric
Since Array#sum skips calling plus for `0`, it doesn't ... matsuda (Akira Matsuda)


05:21 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13129 (Assigned): Refinements cannot refine method_missing and respond_to_missing?
Refinements with method_missing and respond_to_missing? behaves very strangely.
class C; end
using Mod...
matsuda (Akira Matsuda)


01:15 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13109 (Rejected): `using` in refinements is required to be physically placed before the refined method call
When using refinements in one file, the `using` call needs to be physically placed before the refined method call.
matsuda (Akira Matsuda)


06:54 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13012 (Closed): irb fails to define a method with a reserved-word-ish keyword argument
For example
def a(if:) end
is a valid ruby code but this doesn't work on irb.
This seems to be hap...
matsuda (Akira Matsuda)

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