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09:45 AM Ruby master Bug #17871: TestGCCompact#test_ast_compacts test failing again
Note for the backport maintainer:
The issue seems to be still reproduced in 3.0.
wanabe (_ wanabe)


08:36 PM Ruby master Bug #17489 (Closed): Ractor segfaults
kirs (Kir Shatrov) wrote in #note-8:
> I wish I knew how to close this ticket. Not sure I have permissions to do...
wanabe (_ wanabe)


11:29 AM Ruby master Bug #17489: Ractor segfaults
It seems be a autoload on non-main Ractor problem [Bug #18120].
This operation is prohibited after https://bugs.ruby...
wanabe (_ wanabe)
08:00 AM Ruby master Bug #17382 (Closed): Segfault in String#inspect
Thank you for confirming.
This is not reproduced in 3.0 or later, and it would be better to close this issue, leavin...
wanabe (_ wanabe)


06:47 AM Ruby master Bug #17529: Ractor Segfaults with GC enabled
I guess that the btest failure of ruby_3_0 branch on icc-x64 env may be fixed by `git cherry-pick d0d6227a0da5925acf9... wanabe (_ wanabe)
12:32 AM Ruby master Bug #17529: Ractor Segfaults with GC enabled
I confirmed with 3.0.0 that the issue is reproducible.
According to `git bisect`, it seems to be fixed in fff1edf23b...
wanabe (_ wanabe)


01:52 PM Ruby master Bug #17196: Segmentation Fault with Socket#close in Ractors
I tried to reproduce the problem at hand, but it seems to have already been fixed in the current master.
According t...
wanabe (_ wanabe)


02:21 PM Ruby master Bug #17382: Segfault in String#inspect
Alternatively, the following seems to solve the problem.
diff --git a/vm_eval.c b/vm_eval.c
index 76e56fa...
wanabe (_ wanabe)
01:56 PM Ruby master Bug #17382: Segfault in String#inspect
I shortened the reproduction code.
module UsingRefinements
using( d...
wanabe (_ wanabe)


01:36 PM Ruby master Bug #18180 (Closed): opt_newarray_min/max instructions ignore refined methods
$ ./miniruby -ve 'module M; refine Array do; def max; :max; end; def min; :min; end; end; end; using M; p [1 + 0...
wanabe (_ wanabe)

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