chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)




09:42 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15281: Speed up Set#intersect with size check.
I'm not sure it should be called `Tuple` - to me that implies that elements can appear more than once - that it's a m... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


03:36 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15836: [Proposal] Make Module#name and Symbol#to_s return their internal fstrings
> how is the GC handling in case the Symbol was a dynamic generated one?
It copies it - strings and symbols aren’t...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


03:12 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15778: Expose an API to pry-open the stack frames in Ruby
So this could be used to implement `Binding.of_caller` as `caller_locations(1, 1, debug: true).first.binding`? chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)
10:21 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15778: Expose an API to pry-open the stack frames in Ruby
Is your idea that all exception backtraces always come with the bindings attached? Or just when you call `Kernel#call... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


11:32 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15768: "and", &&, boolean issue, different ruby versions, confusing
I think there's two things confusing you here.
Firstly, `v1 = true and false` is `((v1 = true) and false)`, while ...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


01:27 PM Ruby trunk Misc #15748: [Documentation] Suggestion to adjust Object.html#method-i-instance_variable_set
'Frustrating' here isn't expressing any opinion - to 'frustrate' something means to prevent it from being done. The e... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


06:39 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15743: RubyVM should be renamed to CRuby
> whereas CRuby refers to ... what name exactly?
CRuby is the name some people (including Matz I believe) used to ...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


04:10 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15324 (Closed): Dir.home test doesn't match actual Ruby or system behaviour
This test currently asserts that `Dir.home(user)` should return ENV['HOME'] if user is the current user.
We don't ...
chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


09:23 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14462 (Closed): MJIT enabled should be displayed in the version string
Whether or not MJIT is enabled will probably be an important part of diagnosing bugs. It's also useful for when bench... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)


01:31 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14362: use BigDecimal instead of Float by default
In TruffleRuby we represent values that have a single logical class using multiple implementation techniques, transpa... chrisseaton (Chris Seaton)

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