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07:24 AM Ruby master Bug #14628 (Closed): Misplaced colon causes segmentation fault
The following program with a misplaced colon causes a segmentation fault when you try to run it in Ruby 2.5.0p0 on bo... DavidEGrayson (David Grayson)


04:56 AM Ruby master Bug #10598 (Closed): Cannot make two symbols with same bytes and different encodings
It looks like Ruby 2.1.1 introduced a bug where it is impossible create two different symbols with the same bytes but... DavidEGrayson (David Grayson)


03:20 AM Ruby master Feature #8887: min(n), max(n), min_by(n), max_by(n)
Hello. I think the Ruby team should reconsider the ordering of the array returned by `max` and `max_by` when the `n`... DavidEGrayson (David Grayson)


05:54 AM Ruby master Bug #9677 (Third Party's Issue): OpenSSL::PKey::EC#to_text causes a segmentation fault
I have Ruby 2.1.1p76 and when I try to run a particular snippet of code using the OpenSSL extension, I get a segmenta... DavidEGrayson (David Grayson)

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