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06:36 AM Ruby master Revision e29d9e9f (git): Add examples to error_tolerant option in NEWS [ci skip]
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


07:32 AM Ruby master Revision 854312ee (git): Refactor to use has_delayed_token macro
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)
05:17 AM Ruby master Revision db8ff237 (git): Add a link to Feature #19070 ticket [ci skip]
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)
12:01 AM Ruby master Feature #19070 (Closed): Enhance keep_tokens option for RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree parsing methods
Applied in changeset commit:git|d8601621edcf29e3323b90dcf04b774edd9fb45e.
Enhance keep_tokens option for ...
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)
12:01 AM Ruby master Revision d8601621 (git): Enhance keep_tokens option for RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree parsing methods
Implementation for Language Server Protocol (LSP) sometimes needs token information.
For example both `m(1)` and `m(1...
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


01:17 AM Ruby master Revision 082cfcfd (git): Add test cases for args forwarding after rest argument
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


09:25 AM Ruby master Revision f0ce1186 (git): Make anonymous rest arg (*) and block arg (&) accessible from ARGS node
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


09:09 AM Ruby master Bug #19132: `**` を引数に指定すると no anonymous keyword rest parameter になる
* UnboundMethod#parametersなどでは ** という変数名が見えている
* `DVAR@1:6-1:8 nil` で `**`を表現するよりは、`kwrest: (DVAR@1:6-1:8 :**)`で表現したほ...
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


11:25 PM Ruby master Feature #19068: Upgrades required Bison version for development
Thanks for sharing.
I think `brew install bison` is enough because the command install `bison@3.8` now.
It seems ...
yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)


11:20 PM Ruby master Revision 5a4d9f91 (git): Update required Bison version in [ci skip]
See [Feature #19068] for the context. yui-knk (Kaneko Yuichiro)

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