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07:52 PM Ruby master Feature #17140 (Open): Merge Enumerable#grep(_v) with Enumerable#select/reject
In recent versions of Ruby we've gotten new behavior of some Enumerable methods like any?, all?, none?, one?, and oth... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


07:30 PM Ruby master Feature #15123: Enumerable#compact proposal
@matz: Its presence in Array and Hash make it more of a common interface that I could see being defined for Enumerabl... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


07:37 PM Ruby master Feature #16253: Shorthand "forward everything" syntax
Going to do a writeup on this later tonight if anyone wants to proof-read it, it'll be interesting to see what the wi... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


03:24 AM Ruby master Feature #16182: Should `expr in a, b, c` be allowed or not?
I wonder if it would make sense to reverse this to be left-to-right (LTR) rather than right-to-left (RTL) to make it ... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


08:27 AM Ruby master Feature #15799: pipeline operator
I wonder if it would be possible to get method objects somehow. `.:` was capable of doing this off of objects, but do... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)
06:15 AM Ruby master Feature #15799: pipeline operator
That's a very fair point @jeremyevans0, it would introduce two lookup chains even under the most ideal of circumstanc... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)
02:51 AM Ruby master Feature #15799: pipeline operator
I have written on my opinions here:
But in summary, I ...
baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


07:36 PM Ruby master Feature #11076: Enumerable method count_by
mame (Yusuke Endoh) wrote:
> baweaver (Brandon Weaver) wrote:
> > Answer 2: The transformed value, like `group_by`:...
baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


01:04 AM Ruby master Feature #11076: Enumerable method count_by
mame (Yusuke Endoh) wrote:
> I have learnt the word "tally" in this thread. Thank you. It looks good to me, a non-...
baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


09:10 PM Ruby master Misc #15568 (Open): TracePoint(:raise)#parameters raises RuntimeError
Currently trying to get the `trace.parameters` of a method in a `raise` event will lead to a RuntimeError. I would co... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)

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