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08:45 AM Ruby master Misc #18609: keyword decomposition in enumerable (question/guidance)
sawa (Tsuyoshi Sawada) wrote in #note-2:
> Perhaps, you can also do this:
> ```ruby
> drafts.each do |draft|
baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


08:17 AM Ruby master Feature #18603: Allow syntax like obj.method(arg)=value
I believe in this particular case it would make more sense to have a dual method to `dig`, rather than adding additio... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


07:26 AM Ruby master Feature #16757: Add intersection to Range
I'd like to see this explored, as I find myself solving a number of problems that involve Range merging, and potentia... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


01:17 AM Ruby master Revision ac1bb6b5 (git): [ruby/net-http] Rename `D` to `debug` in `Net::HTTP`
Renames `D` to `debug` in `Net::HTTP` and introduces an alias for
backwards compatibility. This was done for readabil...
baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


07:17 AM Ruby master Feature #18408: Allow pattern match to set instance variables
jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) wrote in #note-2:
> I don't think it's a bug that pattern match only supports setting lo...
baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


01:05 AM Ruby master Feature #18181: Introduce Enumerable#min_with_value, max_with_value, and minmax_with_value
I like the more generic suggestion from @ko1 on `with_value`, I had a similar idea before reading it when @shan pinge... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


07:06 AM Ruby master Feature #18384: Pattern Match Object
See also this comment from Zverok: baweaver (Brandon Weaver)
07:05 AM Ruby master Feature #18384 (Open): Pattern Match Object
Related to discussion in #18369 it might be nice to have a literal syntax for constructing a single pattern match cas... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


05:58 PM Ruby master Feature #18369: users.detect(:name, "Dorian") as shorthand for users.detect { |user| == "Dorian" }
Pattern Matching may make a very interesting tie-in here for a short-hand:
# Struct provides built-in pat...
baweaver (Brandon Weaver)


04:46 AM Ruby master Feature #18366: Enumerator#return_eval
Interesting. It seems the common usecase you have isolated is similar to the idea of composing some function with the... baweaver (Brandon Weaver)

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