suke (Masaki Suketa)





05:04 AM Ruby master Revision 2812ffc6 (git): use System Monitor Control for spec of Win32OLE.
* spec/ruby/library/win32ole/win32ole_method/event_interface_spec.rb:
use System Monitor Control instead of Microso...
suke (Masaki Suketa)


12:12 PM Ruby master Revision 0c003350 (git): should not use Internet Explorer
* spec/ruby/library/win32ole/fixtures/classes.rb: add
* spec/ruby/library/win32o...
suke (Masaki Suketa)


09:56 PM Ruby master Revision 3a94b881 (git): should not use Microsoft Internet Controller
* spec/ruby/library/win32ole/win32ole_method/helpcontext_spec.rb:
Use FileSystemObject. Microsoft Internet Explorer...
suke (Masaki Suketa)


07:19 AM Ruby master Misc #15239: [patch] test-spec win32ole
Thank you for your help. I prefer to use MSXML.Document for WIN32OLE_EVENT specs.
Because I think other (light and ...
suke (Masaki Suketa)
06:37 AM Ruby master Revision 5918f0a0 (git): require fixtures/classes only when platform is windows.
* spec/ruby/library/win32ole/fixtures/classes.rb: remove rescue block
because this file is required when platform i...
suke (Masaki Suketa)
06:16 AM Ruby master Revision c5491046 (git): Refactoring. remove Internet Explorer.
* spec/ruby/library/win32ole/win32ole/ole_methods_spec.rb: refactoring.
remove Internet Explorer.
git-svn-id: svn+...
suke (Masaki Suketa)
06:11 AM Ruby master Revision d6f55c7d (git): use MSXML.DOMDocument instead of InternetExplorer.Application
* spec/ruby/library/win32ole/fixtures/event.xml use MSXML.DOMDocument
instead of InternetExplorer.Application. Inte...
suke (Masaki Suketa)
05:40 AM Ruby master Revision 6ce65875 (git): use MSXML.DOMDocument instead of InternetExplorer.Application.
* spec/ruby/library/win32ole/win32ole_event/new_spec.rb: use
MSXML.DOMDocument. InternetExplorer.Application is not...
suke (Masaki Suketa)
05:08 AM Ruby master Revision ef929bc6 (git): use Scripting.Dictionary instead of InternetExplorer.Application.
* spec/ruby/library/win32ole/win32ole/shared/setproperty.rb: use
Scripting.Dictionary. InternetExplorer.Application...
suke (Masaki Suketa)
04:38 AM Ruby master Revision 7f0aefec (git): use Scripting.Dictionary instead of InternetExplorer.Application.
* spec/ruby/library/win32ole/win32ole/ole_put_methods_spec.rb: use
Scripting.Dictionary. InternetExplorer.Applicati...
suke (Masaki Suketa)

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