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05:57 PM Ruby master Revision edc7af48 (git): Stop transitioning to UNDEF when undefining an instance variable
Cases like this:
obj =
loop do
obj.instance_variable_set(:@foo, 1)
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


07:40 PM Ruby master Bug #19173 (Closed): syntax_suggest segfaults on syntax error when refinement activated
Applied in changeset commit:git|dba61f487cd7c1555f1187a2e2846506c1b143be.
return early if there is no is_...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
07:03 PM Ruby master Revision dba61f48 (git): return early if there is no is_entries buffer
If there is a compilation error, is_entries may not be allocated, but
ic_size could be greater than 0. If we don't h...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


08:53 PM Ruby master Revision 17f9bcd7 (git): implement IV writes
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
08:53 PM Ruby master Revision 7b5ee9a8 (git): do not fire the wb when writing immediates
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
08:53 PM Ruby master Revision 744b0527 (git): bail on compilation if the comptime receiver is frozen
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
08:53 PM Ruby master Revision 07fe3d37 (git): only generate wb when we really need to
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
08:53 PM Ruby master Revision be40af28 (git): make flag clearing better
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


10:18 PM Ruby master Revision e7882151 (git): Add next_shape_id to vm stats
We need to track this number in CI. It's important to know how changes
to the codebase impact the number of shapes i...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


09:54 PM Ruby master Revision aedf682b (git): Free the IV table after estimation
We need to make sure the name table is freed otherwise we have a memory
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)

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