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09:24 AM Ruby trunk Revision 154a67f1 (git): Rename rb_gc_new_location to rb_gc_location
The function will return new or existing locations depending on whether
or not the object actually moved, so give it ...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


02:08 PM Ruby trunk Revision ea3e7e26 (git): Prevent Dynamic -> Static symbols from moving
If a dynamic symbol has been converted to a static symbol, it gets added
to the global ID list and should no longer m...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


08:56 AM Ruby trunk Revision 3cf767ee (git): unpin finalizers and update references
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
03:41 AM Ruby trunk Revision 0cc893d0 (git): Static symbols can't be moved (they are not RValue)
This is my mistake, I thought they were regular objects, but apparently
they are not. We don't need to pin them.
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
03:30 AM Ruby trunk Revision 672ee5f6 (git): Symbols can move so only cache IDs
IDs can't move, we need to use them to look up the symbol objects later. tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
03:21 AM Ruby trunk Revision c70ceb59 (git): Add object packing strategies for compaction
This commit adds an alternative packing strategy for compaction.
Instead of packing towards "most pinned" pages, we c...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


03:18 PM Ruby trunk Revision 2ca537ba (git): Fixing function name
This function is used for marking / pinning vm stack values, so it
should have "vm" in the function name to be more c...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


09:27 PM Ruby trunk Revision 79ead821 (git): Add NaN / Infinity / MinusInfinity to mark list
This prevents the constants from moving. tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
09:00 PM Ruby trunk Revision a1ecf07d (git): turn T_MOVED in to a linked list
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
07:59 PM Ruby trunk Revision 66a7c929 (git): Don't run the compactor if GC is disabled
GC is required for pinning / marking objects. If the compactor runs
without pinning everything, then it will blow up...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)

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