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12:07 AM Ruby master Revision 6cb6d5ab (git): Add assertions when inline caches are copied to MJIT
This is a temporary commit to try to find a GC issue. It seems like
mjit is pointing at a moved address in the call ...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


07:31 PM Ruby master Revision 1a9dd319 (git): Pin values in the finalizer table
When finalizers run (in `rb_objspace_call_finalizer`) the table is
copied to a linked list that is not managed by the...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


09:15 PM Ruby master Feature #17176: GC.enable_autocompact / GC.disable_autocompact
Eregon (Benoit Daloze) wrote in #note-1:
> API-wise, `GC.autocompact = true/false` as suggested by @ioquatix on the P...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
06:39 PM Ruby master Feature #17176 (Open): GC.enable_autocompact / GC.disable_autocompact
I'd like to make compaction automatic eventually. As a first step, I would like to introduce two functions:
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


04:09 PM Ruby master Revision 86087a15 (git): pointers on the stack need to be pinned
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


07:45 PM Ruby master Revision 475c8701 (git): Make SecureRandom support Ractor
SecureRandom lazily defines `get_random`. Accessing the mutex to define
the `get_random` method is not supported ins...
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


11:45 PM Ruby master Revision 3fb25562 (git): add lldb functions for getting the heap page / heap page body
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)
11:45 PM Ruby master Revision 933035d3 (git): support T_MATCH in lldb
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


04:00 PM Ruby master Revision 5483bf8f (git): add T_ZOMBIE support to lldb scripts
tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)


03:19 PM Ruby master Bug #17020 (Closed): ObjectSpace.trace_object_allocations_stop raises if called before trace_object_allocations_start
I merged. Thanks for the patch tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson)

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