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01:32 PM Ruby master Misc #16778: Should we stop vendoring default gems code?
@hsbt In your previous message you said: "We still wait for the PoC of this issue.", and set status to "feedback". No... deivid (David Rodríguez)


01:10 AM Ruby master Revision 29c54b5e (git): Add missing fileutils require
On my system, the error was being hidden by the presence of a YARD
rubygems plugin that was providing the require and...
deivid (David Rodríguez)


05:54 AM Ruby master Revision c6bdf750 (git): Disallow downgrades to too old versions
Consider the version original included with each ruby as the minimum
supported version.
deivid (David Rodríguez)


08:33 PM Ruby master Feature #15628: init_inetsock_internal should fallback to IPv4 if IPv6 is unreachable
Any feedback about this? We're considering implementing "Happy Eyeballs" in rubygems by monkeypatching `TCPSoc...
deivid (David Rodríguez)
05:03 PM Ruby master Misc #17137: Cooperation on maintaining official docker ruby images
I _believe_ official images also want to be minimal and they are not explicitly designed for Rails. So in my opinion,... deivid (David Rodríguez)


12:18 PM Ruby master Revision 6b432009 (git): Fix syncing bundler man pages
`rm_rf` does not support globbing, so not all files get deleted. deivid (David Rodríguez)


07:52 PM Ruby master Misc #17137 (Open): Cooperation on maintaining official docker ruby images
It was pointed out to me at that the ruby-core team has started mai... deivid (David Rodríguez)


12:07 PM Ruby master Revision b7e88e3c (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Don't format executables on `gem update --system`
This restores 3.0 behavior and goes back to not formatting executables
by default on `gem update --system`. This is f...
deivid (David Rodríguez)
12:07 PM Ruby master Revision cba80553 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Enable `Layout/LeadingEmptyLines` in rubygems deivid (David Rodríguez)
12:07 PM Ruby master Revision f80020bc (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Read path binarily
I believe this should fix a flaky test on Windows.
deivid (David Rodríguez)

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