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08:05 AM Ruby master Feature #18004: Add Async to the stdlib
> Hello. Async is an awesome gem that I basically support. But there are whole lot of other gems that are equally awe... shan (Shannon Skipper)


06:29 PM Ruby master Feature #18004 (Open): Add Async to the stdlib
Adding Async to the stdlib would signal a clear concurrency story for Ruby 3 to compliment Ractor-based parallelism. ... shan (Shannon Skipper)


08:44 PM Ruby master Feature #17640: allow // for comments
Like you mention, `//` is a Regexp literal, so it seems to me this would be a nonstarter since it'd break a ton of co... shan (Shannon Skipper)


08:19 PM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
A slick syntax like `${a: 0, b: 0}` would encourage many to use it when they otherwise might turn to a Hash literal. ... shan (Shannon Skipper)


04:16 PM Ruby master Bug #17221: Relax the Fiber#transfer's limitation
It seems like both "a" and "the" work here. I might say, "cannot transfer to a yielding Fiber" or "attempted transfer... shan (Shannon Skipper)


09:06 PM Ruby master Feature #13683: Add strict Enumerable#single
For Arrays, pattern matching does seem like a fair solution. Wouldn't that not work for other Enumerable collections?... shan (Shannon Skipper)


06:35 AM Ruby master Feature #13683: Add strict Enumerable#single
How about #sole since it means one and only and is concise?
``` ruby
#!> SoleError: empty Array when single ...
shan (Shannon Skipper)


06:57 PM Ruby master Feature #16894: Integer division for Ruby 3
I'd really rather not deal with Floats unless absolutely necessary.
Raku (Perl 6) and Clojure's default division t...
shan (Shannon Skipper)
06:03 PM Ruby master Feature #16898: Modify the syntax of -> lambda expressions in ruby3
To me, this
``` ruby
-> lightness { lightness }
Is prettier than
lambda { |lightness| lightne...
shan (Shannon Skipper)
05:54 PM Ruby master Feature #16899: Add method `Array#both_end`
I think #both_ends reads better in the plural form. Or #first_last harkens to #min_max and is unambiguous. Other opti... shan (Shannon Skipper)

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