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08:49 AM Ruby master Revision 9245b28d (git): [flori/json] Bump version to 2.6.2 flori (Florian Frank)


10:54 AM Ruby master Revision a4cf11c1 (git): [flori/json] fix test as reported in #343 flori (Florian Frank)
10:54 AM Ruby master Revision 7376d70c (git): [flori/json] Only attempt to resize strings not other objects flori (Florian Frank)


01:25 PM Ruby master Bug #15891 (Closed): FrozenError when assigning frozen class to constant
This code used to work in Ruby 2.6 and before: `C =`. Now it raises a FrozenError for class and modu... flori (Florian Frank)


09:22 AM Ruby 1.8 Bug #2400 (Rejected): string formating in, e. g. rb_raise, is truncated differently depending on OS/build environment
I am not sure if this is a problem. A method like this:

static VALUE mFoo_raise(VALUE self, VALUE msg)
flori (Florian Frank)


11:33 PM Ruby master Bug #1780 (Closed): Clarification of Array#sample documentation
I tried to add a description of the sample algorithm when called with an argument n > 1 to make clear that th...
flori (Florian Frank)

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