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07:29 PM Ruby master Bug #17158 (Open): Ractor Segfault when using shell and puts
Here is my example repo:
This is the commit of Ruby I...
schneems (Richard Schneeman)


05:57 PM Ruby master Feature #14145: Proposal: Better Method#inspect
Thanks a ton for the proposal and feature. I love the idea of getting source location info by default! schneems (Richard Schneeman)


05:22 AM Ruby master Feature #16150: Add a way to request a frozen string from to_s
Thank you for writing up the proposal. This would certainly helped my optimization case. Here’s the PR I referenced i... schneems (Richard Schneeman)


06:57 PM Ruby master Revision 94b79bff (git): Add word "Euler's number" to Math::E docs
When searching for this constant, I landed on the correct page however I wa... schneems (Richard Schneeman)


03:49 PM Ruby master Bug #15674 (Open): Regression: ObjectSpace.allocation_sourceline produces the wrong location for allocations, it shows the end of the method instead of the line where the object was created
Originally I opened this up as an issue in memory profiler, h... schneems (Richard Schneeman)
03:43 PM Ruby master Feature #4475: default variable name for parameter
Would it be possible to make this more inline with other "magic" variables? Such as $1 and $2 for regex. Maybe $block... schneems (Richard Schneeman)


10:38 PM Ruby master Bug #15622 (Rejected): Default version of Bundler incorrectly invoked when using binstubs
When trying to run a binstub with Ruby 2.6.1 with Bundler 2.0.1 on the system, the wrong version of Bundler gets load... schneems (Richard Schneeman)


08:34 PM Ruby master Bug #15503 (Third Party's Issue): Error in Ruby 2.6 when trying to shell out to invoke `irb` while in a `bundle exec` session
Hello. This script fails on Ruby 2.6 but works successfully with Ruby 2.5:
cd /tmp
mkdir irb-issue
cd irb...
schneems (Richard Schneeman)


07:11 PM Ruby master Bug #15314: Bundler with 2.6 fails when installing dependencies into a --path with --binstubs
I confirm this issue is no longer a problem for Heroku. Thanks for your work!
I did hit a segfault though with boo...
schneems (Richard Schneeman)


10:34 PM Ruby master Bug #15314 (Closed): Bundler with 2.6 fails when installing dependencies into a --path with --binstubs
When using Ruby 2.6 and installing gems via bundler's `--path` option, there is an exception:
~~~ text
$ ruby -v
schneems (Richard Schneeman)

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