rogerdpack (Roger Pack)





05:11 AM Ruby master Bug #9930 (Open): unicode filenames somehow don't work
Something seems amiss here--I can't seem to pass in a unicode filename and have it used for reading/opening a file:
rogerdpack (Roger Pack)


10:35 PM Ruby master Feature #3333: mkmf (have|find)_cxx_header
could I request an update on this please? rogerdpack (Roger Pack)


10:24 PM Ruby 1.8 Bug #6383: Segfault in Timeout module when compiled with GCC 4.7
(thanks for the workaround phasis68). Does this occur with gcc 4.8 anyone know? (i.e. was it a bug in 4.7 now fixed ... rogerdpack (Roger Pack)


10:50 PM CommonRuby Feature #7701: Non-optional (required) keyword args
(Same question as Charles) this will be included with 2.1 (I didn't see it in this list, but assume it will anyway? h... rogerdpack (Roger Pack)


01:51 AM Ruby master Feature #7292: Enumerable#to_h
+1 from me. Sometimes after converting from an array to a hash I want to "convert back" to a hash and inevitably I r... rogerdpack (Roger Pack)


02:31 AM Ruby master Feature #7763 (Closed): add Win32::Registry#values
In today's Win32::Registry objects, we have
#num_keys, #keys, #num_values
(and no #values method, but ...
rogerdpack (Roger Pack)


06:35 AM Ruby master Bug #7070 (Third Party's Issue): sometimes backticks can fail to return data
I'm going to guess for now that this is a windows bug (or cmd.exe bug)--when you run cmd.exe and it also includes red... rogerdpack (Roger Pack)


03:10 AM Backport193 Backport #7143 (Closed): system("ls && ls") should work in windows
Since windows "on the command line" supports &&, I believe this should work for ruby system commands.
It a...
rogerdpack (Roger Pack)


05:45 PM Ruby master Bug #7070: sometimes backticks can fail to return data
yes in the few limited tests I've tried (I still need to try a c-based popen that also spawn a new cmd shell IIRC) I ... rogerdpack (Roger Pack)
04:43 PM Ruby master Feature #7082: Process.kill 0 in windows can return spurious success
I see that the current way in windows somewhat mimic's how it operates in Unix (process is a zombie, so still respond... rogerdpack (Roger Pack)

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