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10:46 PM Ruby master Feature #14394: Class.descendants
Shouldn't the `#descendants` method be the reverse of `#ancestors`?
`#ancestors` traverses up both class hierarchi...
dgutov (Dmitry Gutov)


03:03 PM Ruby master Feature #15921: R-assign (rightward-assignment) operator
This is not as bad as the "pipeline operator" (which didn't do what its name said), but still, why add this?
It's ...
dgutov (Dmitry Gutov)


11:12 PM Ruby master Feature #15799: pipeline operator
Ruby being a "Lisp-2" means that the pipeline operator couldn't be implemented like a "normal" operator (all...
dgutov (Dmitry Gutov)


01:23 PM Ruby master Feature #15799: pipeline operator
"I don't have to use it" doesn't work in the real world where you have projects with multiple contributors, dependenc... dgutov (Dmitry Gutov)


03:18 PM Ruby master Bug #15708: Implicit numbered argument decomposes an array
This is what happens when one syntactic sugar(*) collides with another.
(*) ` { |x,| x }` being a shorthand f...
dgutov (Dmitry Gutov)


08:27 PM Ruby master Bug #7565: Redundant functions in ruby-additional.el
Cool, thanks! dgutov (Dmitry Gutov)


01:10 AM Ruby master Feature #6823: Where/how should ruby-mode issues be reported?
I vote to remove it as well.
Is there anything we can or should do in the Emacs trunk to speed it up?
dgutov (Dmitry Gutov)


11:11 PM Ruby master Feature #8377: Deprecate :: for method calls in 2.1
> we haven't reached consensus to remove double colons for method calls from the language.
That's what this issue ...
dgutov (Dmitry Gutov)


11:42 PM Ruby master Feature #8377: Deprecate :: for method calls in 2.1
"::" method call syntax has no advantages over ".", and it should be relatively simple to search through any co...
dgutov (Dmitry Gutov)


04:53 AM Ruby master Feature #5453: Add gemspecs to auto-mode-alist for ruby-mode
Done in Emacs trunk. dgutov (Dmitry Gutov)

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