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01:21 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14959: Writing a "link_to" method and a "url_helper" with a request parameter under certain "if else" statement in Rails helper crashes with KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000
also see: probably the same issue. sam.saffron (Sam Saffron)


12:04 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14718: Use jemalloc by default?
Wow awesome news @normalperson this is going to make a massive difference with Ruby 2.6! sam.saffron (Sam Saffron)


02:22 AM Ruby trunk Misc #14921: DevelopersMeeting20180809Japan
really hoping we can make a call on:
I would also very much like to se...
sam.saffron (Sam Saffron)
02:12 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14718: Use jemalloc by default?
> Are you using LD_PRELOAD instead?
Yes that is how we deploy PRD we compile without jemalloc and then just ld pre...
sam.saffron (Sam Saffron)
12:14 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14718: Use jemalloc by default?
After spending a bit too much time thinking about this, I would like to recommend **against** any jemalloc related ch... sam.saffron (Sam Saffron)
12:20 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14759: [PATCH] set M_ARENA_MAX for glibc malloc
Koichi / Nobu

Is there any chance we can merge this in and even backport to 2.4/2.5.
It is a very safe change...
sam.saffron (Sam Saffron)


10:55 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12306: Implement String #blank? #present? and improve #strip and family to handle unicode
> I've proposed String#space_only?, like String#ascii_only?.
I very much support `#space_only?`, it still fills th...
sam.saffron (Sam Saffron)
10:45 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14932 (Open): Dynamically adjust method cache size at runtime
I am not sure exactly how we can pull this off, but this very much fits into our mission of making Ruby fast
sam.saffron (Sam Saffron)


06:38 AM Ruby trunk Misc #14861: DevelopersMeeting20180718Japan
Would it be possible to discuss:
"Implement String #blank? #present? and i...
sam.saffron (Sam Saffron)


11:53 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14894 (Open): Segfault loading iseqs
Follow up on
In particular:
sam.saffron (Sam Saffron)

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