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06:53 PM Ruby master Feature #14609: Let `Kernel#p` without an argument print the receiver
+1 for `obj.p`, but I don't like the alternative names. IMHO `obj.p` is the natural extension of `Kernel#p`. Any othe... larskanis (Lars Kanis)


02:12 PM Ruby master Feature #16604 (Open): Set default for Encoding.default_external to UTF-8 on Windows
This issue is related to where we already discussed the topic an postponed th... larskanis (Lars Kanis)


12:26 PM Ruby master Revision d1166c6d (git): Reline: Use a more robust detection of MinTTY
The previous detection per get_screen_size fails when stdout is passed
to a pipe. That is the case when running ruby ...
larskanis (Lars Kanis)
12:26 PM Ruby master Revision b0ca1fc2 (git): Reline: Fix changed test results due to change to UTF-8 on Windows
In commit f8ea2860b0cac1aec79978e6c44168802958e8af the Reline encoding
for native windows console was changed to hard...
larskanis (Lars Kanis)


10:13 AM Ruby master Revision f451bb54 (git): [ruby/irb] Fix compatibility with rails before 5.2
Rails before 5.2 added Array#append as an alias to Array#<< ,
so that it expects only one argument.
However ruby-2.5 ...
larskanis (Lars Kanis)
09:16 AM Ruby master Feature #16517: mkmf.rb - changes for Windows ?
I think `mkmf.rb` is a good place to add `require 'devkit'`. It doesn't catch the cases where the Rakefile makes use ... larskanis (Lars Kanis)


09:57 AM Ruby master Feature #16499: define_method(non_lambda) should not change the semantics of the given Proc
Unfortunately `define_method` is currently the only way to retrieve `Proc#parameters` without information loss. See #... larskanis (Lars Kanis)


11:13 AM Ruby master Bug #15262: WeakRef::RefError for object that is still in use
This issue appears to be fixed in ruby-2.7.0 by the recent WeakMap modifications. It is still present on:
ruby ...
larskanis (Lars Kanis)
10:38 AM Ruby master Bug #15262 (Open): WeakRef::RefError for object that is still in use
larskanis (Lars Kanis)
10:38 AM Ruby master Bug #15509 (Open): TCPServer#accept isn't interrupted
Thank you @jeremyevans0 for checking this! Unfortunately it still fails on Linux. I tried the following recent ruby v... larskanis (Lars Kanis)

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