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04:35 AM Ruby master Revision 218c3b25 (git): [ruby/readline] Improve the gem's description
Improve the language in the gem's summary and description;
also remove U+00A0 (no-break space) characters from post-i...
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)


02:13 PM Ruby master Revision 3108ad7b (git): [DOC] Fix grammar: "is same as" -> "is the same as"
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)
03:59 AM Ruby master Revision 451b4560 (git): [ruby/io-console] [DOC] Note that IO#getpass returns a chomped string
IO#getpass uses String#chomp! on the read input line.
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)


09:39 PM Ruby master Revision 228ad7d8 (git): doc/ Fix indentation
Reintroduce removed empty line to fix indentation on rendered page
(the first line is _not_ indented despite the lead...
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)


09:51 PM Ruby master Revision ab6adf27 (git): doc/ Fix indentation in code blocks
Remove unnecessary indentation of code in code blocks
(it is also not rendered properly in the generated HTML).
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)
09:50 PM Ruby master Revision 0a867315 (git): [DOC] Fix typos in vm_method.c
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)
09:49 PM Ruby master Revision 114840b0 (git): [DOC] Fix typo in proc.c
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)
09:40 AM Ruby master Revision 3fc53de5 (git): methods.rdoc: Improve method definition documentation
* typos, grammar, formatting
* use `concrete_method` again in `regular_method` example,
to better distinguish from ...
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)
09:40 AM Ruby master Revision ce65a768 (git): methods.rdoc: Clarify "currently" means "in 2.7" here
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)


10:20 PM Ruby master Revision 93a1ef67 (git): Fix typos
stomar (Marcus Stollsteimer)

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