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03:21 AM Ruby master Bug #9580: Refinements regression in IRB
I'm embarrassed that I missed these responses to my bug report. I had forgotten that I had created this issue. Sorry!... davidbalbert (David Albert)


09:03 PM Ruby master Bug #9580 (Closed): Refinements regression in IRB
The problem: Top level refinements do not work in IRB. They worked in 2.0.0-p451, but don't work in 2.1.0, 2.1.1, or ... davidbalbert (David Albert)


04:20 AM Ruby master Bug #7859 (Assigned): Readline: Incorrect arrow key behavior in vi_editing_mode insert mode with Readline 6.2
I've discovered what I think is a bug in the (({Readline})) module in the standard library. When I am using (...
davidbalbert (David Albert)


09:18 AM Ruby master Bug #7794 (Closed): Documentation bug in Net::HTTP.post_form example code
I've attached a patch that fixes a small error in the Net::HTTP.post_form documentation. davidbalbert (David Albert)


06:55 AM Ruby master Bug #7105 (Closed): Socket documentation fix
The "Quick start" section of the Socket documentation refers to the Socket::INET constant, which doesn't exist. I've ... davidbalbert (David Albert)


03:18 AM Ruby master Bug #6785: Documentation for RubyVM::InstructionSequence
I've attached a second draft that incorporates some feedback from rue on #ruby-lang and a few extra edits of mine. davidbalbert (David Albert)


01:17 PM Ruby master Bug #6786 (Closed): Add :trace_instruction to the output of RubyVM::InstructionSequence.compile_option
:trace_instruction is a valid iseq compiler option that can be set with compile_option=, but it does not appear in th... davidbalbert (David Albert)
12:57 PM Ruby master Bug #6785 (Closed): Documentation for RubyVM::InstructionSequence
I've attached a patch with documentation for the RubyVM::InstructionSequence class. It's of decent size, and I'm just... davidbalbert (David Albert)


07:13 AM Ruby master Bug #6750 (Closed): Comment above rb_iseq_struct.local_size gives out of date description
The description of rb_iseq_struct.local_size says that it is sizeof(local vars) + 1 for class and method frames, but ... davidbalbert (David Albert)


08:06 AM Ruby master Bug #5776: irb のトップレベルで定義したメソッドが public になる
I ran into this bug recently and I did a bit of investigating. This is due to a change introduced by #3406 (r29578) t... davidbalbert (David Albert)

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