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06:56 PM Ruby master Revision 954b7ac8 (git): addr2line.c: fix `DW_FORM_ref_addr` parsing for DWARF 2 (#8146)
addr2line.c: fix DW_FORM_ref_addr parsing for DWARF 2
This fixes a crash when retrieving backtrace info with YJIT en...
katei (Yuta Saito)
03:17 PM Ruby master Bug #19789: YJIT + rustc 1.71.0 is broken with macOS
I made a fix for this issue: katei (Yuta Saito)


06:52 PM Ruby master Revision 89451434 (git): [wasm] Allocate asyncify buffer on heap to save stack usage
katei (Yuta Saito)


05:17 AM Ruby master Revision edca57e6 (git): [wasm] Fix `unreachable` error during printing setjmp trace message
katei (Yuta Saito)


08:45 AM Ruby master Revision c5eefb7f (git): darwin: resolve rb symbols from ext by `-flat_namespace` to see libruby transitively
This repairs the assumption, which many fat-gem maintainer expect, "An
extension built with --disable-shared Ruby is ...
katei (Yuta Saito)
12:39 AM Ruby master Revision 782777a8 (git): [ruby/openssl] Undefine `OpenSSL::SSL` for no socket platforms
This fixes a linkage error about `ossl_ssl_type` on platforms which do
not have socket, like WASI.
Even before this ...
katei (Yuta Saito)


02:19 AM Ruby master Revision afd46429 (git): tool/m4/ruby_wasm_tools.m4: force passing WASI_SDK_PATH when building for wasi
Make the WASI_SDK_PATH variable mandatory when building for wasi host.
This requirement prevents developers from bein...
katei (Yuta Saito)


03:10 PM Ruby master Revision 25635bbc (git): Add links to Wasm port resources to
katei (Yuta Saito)


08:24 AM Ruby master Revision 48644e71 (git): tool/runruby.rb: remove LD_PRELOAD-like env-var options from runruby.rb
LD_PRELOAD sometimes forces loading libraries into unrelated
executables. For example, macOS on recent Apple Silicon ...
katei (Yuta Saito)


08:03 PM Ruby master Revision 3a6cdeda (git): [wasm] Scan machine stack based on `ec->machine.stack_{start,end}`
fiber machine stack is placed outside of C stack allocated by wasm-ld,
so highest stack address recorded by `rb_wasm_...
katei (Yuta Saito)

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